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Dancing With The Stars has had its fair share of athletes over its long run, and it looks like they have a shot at getting another big name. Could NBA legend Kobe Bryant be appearing on a future season of the series? Former teammate of Bryant and contestant on the series Derek Fisher seems to think so, and recently said producers should at least attempt to reach out to the retired NBA star about putting on his dancing shoes:

He loves the show. He and the family watch it...[Producers] should at least try and call him!

Sounds like Derek Fisher, who won five total NBA championships with Kobe Bryant in his career, should be the guy to make the call as he seems to think it would be a wonderful idea. Fisher tells TMZ that Bryant and his family are apparently fans of Dancing With The Stars, although liking a show and competing on it are two entirely different things. Does Bryant have what it takes to cut a rug?

That's for a judge to decide, and with Kobe Bryant officially out of basketball after 20 years in the NBA, he's definitely got more than enough time on his hands to appear and strut his stuff for the camera. Bryant, who was known as a perfectionist in basketball who never had an issue belittling teammates or their play, might have trouble acclimating to the world of ballroom dancing on Dancing With The Stars. After spending so much time becoming one of the best at his sport, it would be interesting to see how Bryant would perform on the series when he's practically out of his element.

Would the five time NBA champion become humbled if his moves aren't up to snuff in front of the judges, or would he thrive under the pressure and become one of the greatest dancing champions Dancing With The Stars has ever seen? Several athletes have managed to steal the show and end up winning the series, so it's not as though it would be unprecedented should Kobe Bryant win. If he did compete and win, Bryant would become the first NBA star to have done so. Worst case scenario, Bryant could at least shoot for the goal of outlasting former teammate Derek Fisher who was part of the third couple eliminated this past season. With ABC already teasing Season 26 will feature all athletes, it feels as though the stage is set for Bryant to step in for what could be an ultra-competitive season.

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