What Stephen Amell Thinks The Next Arrow-verse Crossover Should Be About

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The mega Arrow-verse crossover has come and gone, and while Stephen Amell has only a vague idea about how the next crossover could possibly be further escalated after the massive "Crisis On Earth X," he does have some thoughts on what the next one possibly should be about. Amell spoke to fans via video on his Facebook page and said he thinks that bringing the story back down to a character level could be an option.

I personally think that I don't know how we'd scale up more. Unless all the productions shut down and we'd shoot it like you would a feature film. I dunno. What you could do is make it more of a character-based story, and maybe it's about one or two characters from each show being sequestered out somewhere. I don't know. I'm not a writer. I just say the words and, after the fact, I critique them.

With the box office numbers of Justice League being lower than expected for such a superhero blockbuster event, Stephen Amell could get his wish! Jokes aside, "Crisis On Earth X" was essentially a cohesive four-hour storyline, so if the Arrow-verse creative teams are looking to somehow make next year's crossover even bigger than the last, that would be a way to do it. But considering the amount of time each show's cast and crew would have to devote to film a cinema-quality feature, though, it doesn't seem likely The CW would want to take even more time away from the standard production schedule for all of its big superhero shows. ("Crisis on Earth-X" reportedly took around six weeks to produce.) But to recoup for the efforts, maybe The CW can improve upon the route ABC went with Marvel's Inhumans by screening a limited run of the next Arrow-verse crossover in IMAX theaters? Or even just regular theaters.

As for what Stephen Amell offered about making the next crossover center on two characters from each show stranded somewhere, it's not a bad idea. Granted, it's not a concept that the writing team hasn't necessarily utilized in the past with Supergirl and The Flash getting stranded in that musical episode, but there's still plenty of Arrow-verse character combos that would make for a good crossover team up, as well as interesting locations to use. After "Crisis On Earth X", it feels like teaming up Mick with just about anybody would make for some great television, but fans' mileage will vary. Focusing sections of a crossover on a limited set of characters introduces a risk that some fans will tune out for one reason or another, and The CW likely doesn't want that happening.

Right now, the only thing that seems obvious is that no one has all the answers as to how to top "Crisis On Earth X", but it's great to see the conversation already starting with the actors! Check out all the questions we still have after the crossover, and be sure to watch Arrow's midseason finale on The CW on Thursday, December 7, at 9 p.m. ET. For more great upcoming programming, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide and midseason premiere guide for a look at all the things coming up as 2017 comes to an end. For a list of shows that got canceled in 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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