Vampire Diaries Co-Creator Is Retelling Fairy Tales In Dark Ways For New Show

Cuéntame un cuento Antena tres

With The Vampire Diaries officially over and ABC's Time After Time fizzling out rather quickly, Kevin Williamson has some free time on his hands for a new series. Luckily, the co-creator of The CW's long-running series didn't waste too much time getting attached to a new project, and he's looking into retelling some fairy tales in a dark way in a new series coming to CBS All Access. Titled Tell Me A Story, the series promises to present twisted takes on some of the fairy tales audiences know and love in a way that's sure to excite.

Season 1 of Tell Me A Story already sets the bar high for expectations as it teases a serialized drama intertwining some of the juggernauts of fairy tales. Somehow, this series is going to take The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk and spin that into a cohesive story set in modern New York City that features loss, greed, love, and murder. Technically, all three of those tales already have those elements embedded in them, but likely not at the level to which Tell Me A Story is wishing to portray. Kevin Williamson will serve as a writer on the series, and will also be an executive producer.

The concept for Tell Me A Story is based on a foreign series by Marcos Osorio Vidal titled Cuéntame un cuento, which is the title of the series in Spanish. The Spanish version of the series covered 2 of the 3 tales that Kevin Williamson wishes to take on in his CBS All Access series, although it appears there are differences between the two products. While the Spanish version does offer modern and dark representations of fairy tales, it does not appear that the stories told are interlaced in the same way that Williamson is wishing to use in Tell Me A Story.

Tell Me A Story adds to the growing library of titles coming to CBS All Access and sounds like yet another series that CBS wouldn't typically air on their network. In addition to the already renewed Star Trek: Discovery, the upcoming series joins No Activity, The Twilight Zone reboot, The Good Fight, and a couple others to further flesh out the original content for CBS' streaming service. With other streaming services are investing big bucks on original content, it looks like CBS is doing its best to catch up with competitors and continuing to explore unique content not typical of modern CBS programming.

Tell Me A Story will come to CBS All Access eventually, but there is no official release date at this time. For more on upcoming programming, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide to see what's left in 2017 for television audiences to dive into. For a look ahead at 2018, CinemaBlend's midseason premiere guide is a great resource for all shows coming in the new year. For a look at some shows that didn't make it out of 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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