Netflix's Black Mirror Dropped Its Star Trek Episode Trailer, Which Looks Totally Bonkers

With both actual Star Trek prequels and parodies getting television renewals, it appears the franchise is all the rage once again. Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville aren't the only shows getting in on that action, however, as Black Mirror teased months ago that it too would be taking a jab at the franchise with their own twisted take on the beloved original series. Now, the show has unloaded the full trailer for the episode, and it looks totally bonkers:

If there's a dark twist to this episode of Black Mirror, it certainly can't be seen in the trailer. In fact, this trailer is only slightly campier than an actual episode of the original Star Trek, although it's pretty close to the original product. The only hint that something may be amiss is the fact that Lieutenant Cole seems generally aware of the campy nature of the U.S.S. Callister, which might indicate that this reality she's in isn't actually real. Perhaps this is where the creepiness begins?

If things begin there, one has to imagine it gets darker with Captain Daly, a.k.a. actor Jesse Plemons. Plemons has played a somewhat twisted character in both Breaking Bad and Fargo, so it wouldn't be crazy if he's on board to engage in something similar for this episode. While Plemons is a likely suspect for whatever darkness is lying in wait (but not at all present) in this trailer, Jimmi Simpson (who is featured as a blue shirt) is also a guy to watch out for given his roles on Westworld, House of Cards, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

That's all assuming this is a dark and twisted episode of Black Mirror and not some crazy love letter episode to Star Trek. If it were the latter, it would be a weird direction for the episodic anthology series to head, and some might even say Black Mirror is "boldly going" in a direction it's never gone before. While the series is typically known for episodes with rather dark plotlines with twisted endings, it did find acclaim and an Emmy win for its episode "San Junipero," which had a rather happy ending given the show's usual themes. Hopefully, this episode gets some attention from award shows in a scenario where it, Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville are all competing for the same award. And, that's an idea which sounds almost too good for words.

Black Mirror Season 4 is coming to Netflix, although no release date has been given at this time. For other upcoming programming that probably won't be as dark but might be as good, visit our fall premiere guide and midseason premiere guide. For a look at some shows that probably should've referenced Star Trek to keep their show alive, head on over to our cancellation guide.

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