Iron Fist Just Cast A Star Trek Actress For Season 2

Carol Marcus Alice Eve Star Trek: Into Darkness

Marvel's Iron Fist may be one of Netflix's worst-reviewed original titles, but it's still a Marvel superhero series. As such, many are eager to see Marvel take another crack at it in hopes it will succeed or at least be better than Season 1. Now, the odds of the Season 2 topping Season 1 may have increased as the series announced the casting of Star Trek: Into Darkness actress Alice Eve in an unknown role.

This comes just days after the news surfaced that the Season 2 villain of Iron Fist may have been revealed. Considering her acting resume is long and extensive, it's possible that Alice Eve has been tapped to play the role of Lady Gorgon, although she bears almost no resemblance to the character in the comics at this time. That's not always a big problem in Hollywood. Given that Marvel has been pretty spot-on in its castings of characters thus far, it doesn't seem as though they would end that trend here. Of course, it's only speculation at this time that the described character is Lady Gorgon, so it's possible Eve (whose casting was reported by Variety) could be playing the part of an entirely different character.

Alice Eve's casting is just another mystery to add to the list of growing questions surrounding what Iron Fist Season 2 will be about. As audiences saw in The Defenders, The Hand was dealt a major blow in New York City, so it doesn't seem entirely likely they'd be sending someone back for seconds, although it'll likely be a couple years before next season of Iron Fist. The Hand may have plenty of time to regroup. Beyond that, there's already Joy Meachum and Davos gunning for Danny. If Eve is playing yet another villain, Season 2 of Iron Fist will likely be a tough one for the hero.

If Alice Eve is playing a hero or ally in Iron Fist Season 2, there's not a lot of suggestions being thrown around the web as to who she may be. There aren't a ton of notable female heroes in Iron Fist lore that haven't already been introduced, although Danny Rand does have a half sister in the comics named Miranda. Eve and actor Finn Jones have a somewhat similar appearance and could pass for siblings, so there's a chance that's who Marvel intends her character to be. However, considering Miranda is the child of Danny's father and a woman of K'un-Lun, it seems as though we would've found out Danny's dad had been to K'un-Lun in Season 1 if Marvel was intending to introduce this character. Given that, it's highly unlikely this is who she's playing, but anything's possible.

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