Could Wild Dog Betray Oliver On Arrow? Here's What The Actor Says

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The jig is up, the news is out, and the Feds have finally found someone willing to testify against the renegade Oliver Queen. Just on the heels of his wedding with Felicity, Oliver will soon face the reality that someone on his team is about to throw him under the bus, and it could be Wild Dog. When asked if his character was capable of betraying Oliver if it meant getting custody of his daughter, actor Rick Gonzalez said "absolutely":

Absolutely, I think there's the potential for someone of the agent's caliber to have the ability to control that scenario that means so much to Rene. So, him wanting to have custody of his daughter is absolutely a perfect, viable avenue for him to kind of want his footing and to hold onto it. It all depends on Rene's perspective: Does he value the integrity and the loyalty of the team, or does he care more about getting Zoey back and protecting that and honoring the promise he made to her? If you look at it from other perspectives, there's things, I'm sure, Agent Watson [could go] after the Black Canary [Juliana Harkavy] or Mr. Terrific [Echo Kellum] for. I think we're all pretty vulnerable in certain ways that can be leveraged. From the perspective of Wild Dog, I totally see the possibility that his daughter is a sore spot for him to be taken advantage of, but I think we also have to understand who Rene is. We've established someone who is street savvy, but also [has a] military background, has built a lot of loyalty, is a person full of integrity, and he wants to protect his friends and be a team player.

As Rick Gonzales states above, there is definitely incentive for Wild Dog to sell Oliver down the river. Having said that, there are definitely some questions Arrow fans should consider. Using someone's child as leverage is a dirty trick to get someone to do what you want, but is it a route Agent Watson would exploit to reveal Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow? Also, Wild Dog is known for his loyalty, but does Rene hold more loyalty to his daughter or the Arrow team?

The idea that Wild Dog could betray Oliver, as well as actor Rick Gonzales' response to the question, make another quote he gave EW just as interesting. The statement came following a comment that in a season where everyone on Arrow is getting a nemesis, Wild Dog has none. Gonzales does state that he thinks he has a nemesis, but not in the way that fans might expect, meaning that his nemesis is not an actual bad guy. That quote definitely makes it sound a lot like the man in the hockey mask is about to snitch on the mayor of Star City!

Which, of course, brings a lot of skepticism as to whether or not Wild Dog is actually the team member who is prepared to rat out Oliver. While it's certainly possible Rick Gonzales spilled the beans on the Arrow midseason finale a day before its airing, who at The CW would be completely fine with him doing that? No one. So if Thursday night it is revealed Wild Dog is the one willing to testify against Oliver, there's a good chance Rick Gonzales is currently getting reamed by showrunners for laying everything out before the audience got a chance to see it. Considering Gonzales doesn't have the reputation guys like David Harbour and Tom Holland have in Hollywood, it seems safe to speculate he's just spinning a web of deceit.

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