Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead for The Last Jedi. Seriously, if you haven't seen the movie yet, you may want to check out some of our non-spoilery articles about that galaxy far, far away until you get the chance to watch.

The latest installment in the Star Wars saga has officially debuted on the big screen, and it managed to expand the Star Wars universe we thought we knew in some significant ways. As with any movie, reactions to The Last Jedi have been mixed. Still, The Last Jed made a killing at the box office in its first weekend, and we can bet that the number will continue to grow for a long time. That said, there are definitely some aspects of The Last Jedi that weren't entirely perfect, and the entire plot could have been enhanced if it had been expanded into a TV format rather produced as a movie.

The Last Jedi was the longest film in the Star Wars saga to date with a run time of 153 minutes, but just think what could have been possible with a miniseries of six or eight or even ten episodes! Read on for our big reasons why The Last Jedi would have been better as a TV miniseries.

Snoke Could Have Been Developed More

One of the biggest mysteries left over from The Force Awakens was of the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke and what exactly he had planned for Kylo Ren and the galaxy. Fans have spent the years since The Force Awakens formulating all kinds of theories about Snoke, and he seemed poised to become the saga's biggest bad since Emperor Palpatine back in the original trilogy.

In The Last Jedi, however, Snoke was killed by Kylo Ren when he used the force to activate a lightsaber and bisect Snoke where he sat. Snoke's death made for a pretty epic twist that few of us could have possibly seen coming halfway through the second installment of a trilogy, but it also leaves us wishing that Snoke had gotten extra time to develop into a more complex character. A miniseries could have been the perfect format to fill in some blanks in his story and perhaps make his death all the more epic.

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