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Ever since 1994, the Stargate franchise has managed to keep die-hard science-fiction nerds enamored with its sometimes bizarre tales. With the upcoming release of Stargate Origins, we are finally getting a chance to see where the whole story started, at least for Catherine Langford. The first official trailer for the upcoming Stargate: Command web series has finally dropped online, and Stargate: Origins looks like a hell of a good time for fans of both this franchise and hard sci-fi with an epic scope. Take a look at the trailer below.

Canonically speaking, Stargate Origins (as the title would suggest) is meant to be the first story in the overarching Stargate story. Taking place before both the other TV entry or the original movie, Origins will focus on Catherine Langford and the fallout of her father's discovery of the Stargate in Egypt by her father, Professor Langford, ten years earlier. Because of its prequel distinction, this new series can reasonably be expected to show fans things that will help to recontextualize how we look at the other elements of the Stargate franchise as a whole.

And of course, because this is a science-fiction period piece, the upcoming series will also feature battles against Nazis. That's pretty much a given for a story such as this, and it looks like it's going to make for a swashbuckling, Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque good time.

Stargate Origins Nazis

Structurally, Stargate Origins will deliver its content to audiences in small, digestible bites. Each of the ten episodes in the series will run roughly ten minutes in length, and as such, the entire run of the series will add up to the length of a feature movie, give or take. This is obviously a different approach when compared to other popular TV franchises that typically run extended episodes for longer stretches, but the level of restraint shown here in the process of delivering a proper story is arguably something to be commended. And let's not forget that this isn't heading to a major network, and the Stargate: Command service was started up with its success in mind.

The creative turnaround on Stargate Origins is also worth pointing out. The show was only recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (in honor of the 20th anniversary of Stargate SG-1), and hitting a February release date so soon after its announcement is an impressive feat, no doubt helped by the short episode lengths.

Stargate Origins will drop on Stargate: Command on February 15, and if you want more information about all of the TV content debuting over the next few months, then make sure to click over to our fall TV premiere guide and our midseason premiere guide and fill out your television-watching calendars accordingly! As for shows that haven't been lucky enough to get renewals this year, you can also see our handy 2017 cancellation guide to pay your respects to the shows that are no longer with us.

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