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The Stargate Franchise Is Getting A New Show

stargate origins announced

It's been more than twenty years since Stargate first burst onto the scene with a self-titled movie. Through additional films, more than 300 television episodes, dvd releases, video games, new projects, unfortunate setbacks and countless fan conventions and appearances, the fandom has grown, at least among a very vocal base. Now, those diehards are being rewarded with a brand new television series.

The exciting news broke earlier today at Comic-Con, and fortunately, the announcement was filled with plenty of details. The show will be called Stargate: Origins, and it will primarily follow Catherine Langford. She's the daughter of archeologist Paul Langford, who led the Egyptian dig in 1928 that uncovered the first Stargate near the Great Pyramids in Giza. It'll run for 10 episodes, and it'll air exclusively on a new digital online fan platform called Stargate Command.

Here's what the show's creative team had to say during the panel today...

So there's a character that stood out in the canon of Stargate that everyone sorta wants to know a little more. And you may have noticed we picked a female director and it's because she's an awesome director but also because women should tell stories about powerful, awesome women, and this story is about Catherine Langford.

The panel also included a short trailer teaser, and you're not going to believe this, but it went over very well with fans, who have wanted a new show desperately since Stargate: Universe was cancelled in 2011.

The current offering will be produced by MGM, and it will come with the Stargate Command site that will allow enthusiasts to come together. More details will no doubt pour out in the coming days. Until then, get excited, and if you're a hardcore fan, thank yourself and your fellow die-hards for never letting this franchise die.

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