Supergirl Just Added Roseanne Vet Laurie Metcalf For A Sweet Role

Laurie Metcalf Roseanne

In an upcoming episode of Supergirl that will be airing sometime later in the season, TV fans will have no trouble spotting a veteran sitcom actress in National City: Laurie Metcalf has been cast in a guest spot on Supergirl! Older fans will recognize her from the hit show Roseanne, but younger ones might know her better as Sheldon's mom on The Big Bang Theory. Funnily enough, she's about to play the mother to another genius on Supergirl. Metcalf has been cast as Winn Schott's estranged mother.

It's been confirmed to CinemaBlend that Laurie Metcalf is on her way to Supergirl. She'll guest star in episode 15 of Season 3, which likely won't air until 2018. In that episode, Metcalf will play Winn Schott's (Jeremy Jordan) estranged mother. No other details are known about the episode at this time, but let's hope the mini family reunion goes better than the one Winn had with his father. Papa Winn was revealed to be a supervillain known as The Toyman back in Season 1, so we'll see if Metcalf's character is a bit less explosive than that.

Laurie Metcalf is a veteran of TV. She is perhaps most famous for playing Jackie Harris on Roseanne. Jackie was the neurotic younger sister of Roseanne, who frequently mothered her. Jackie held a number of unstable jobs and relationships throughout the nine seasons of the show, but she was known as the backbone of the family. Metcalf won three Emmys for her role and will return to reprise her character for the revival of Roseanne next year. Since the original conclusion of Roseanne, Metcalf has appeared on HBO's Getting On, ABC's Desperate Housewives, and CBS' The Big Bang Theory, all of which have earned her additional Emmy nominations.

Laurie Metcalf Big Bang Theory

Fans will have to wait until 2018 to see Laurie Metcalf on Supergirl, but the superhero show still has plenty to offer to keep you entertained. The show is continuing to build up to its Season 3 Big Bad, Reign, who will look pretty different from her comic book counterpart. The show will also be introducing Brainiac 5 and the Legion of Superheroes, both of which have a strong connection to the Superman mythos. Plus, there's the big shakeup in Alex and Maggie's relationship still left to deal with, and let's not forget the yearly crossover.

Supergirl airs all-new episodes on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Make sure to check out our fall TV season premiere guide to learn about all the other shows debuting before the season is over. Because it's never too early, here's a rundown of every show that's been confirmed cancelled, too.

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