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In a world where technology allows for pictures and videos to be uploaded and shared on the web in an instant, it's tough to protect a television show from getting spoiled. Game of Thrones has done a pretty good job at locking down its sets during production, and that's partly thanks to the paranoia and constant vigilance of the show's stars and crew. Dolorous Edd actor Ben Crompton recently shared just how on guard everyone is, claiming a single drone put the entire crew on high alert last week.

We're quite protective as a cast. Apart from being contractually obliged not to say anything, we've got a real affection for the show. We were filming the other week and there seemed to be something flying above. Everyone was suddenly going, 'Is that a drone? Is that a drone?' It turned out it was from the SFX department on the other side of the set trying something out. But there was just this moment there thinking, 'Don't let there be any spoilers or anything, just let it happen.'

Understandably, no one in the Game of Thrones cast wants big detailed spoilers escaping from the sets, especially in the show's final stretch. Keep in mind this is a cast that is very passionate about the series, as Ben Crompton corroborated Sophie Turner's claims that there were standing ovations and misty eyes during Season 8's script readings. With the cast and crew keeping a watchful eye, on top of the notorious precautions Game of Thrones' producers already take to prevent spoilers, it feels as though enough will be done to keep any major announcements spoiler-free on the road to the show's potential 2019 return.

Ben Crompton's humorous story to the Metro possibly has some buried interest, in that whatever scene that was being filmed last week was apparently something spoilery enough to provoke everyone's worry that a drone might have captured it. That scene, of course, could show any number of things, but with Crompton back on set after only showing up for a brief appearance in the Season 7 premiere, it sounds like they were filming something specific to the Night's Watch. Considering Season 7 ended with the wall collapsing, perhaps the crew was filming the direct aftermath, focusing on the Night's Watch. If that's not the case, though, how the hell did Edd survive the White Walkers going through them into Westeros?

Those answers likely won't leak out anytime soon, drones or no drones, as Game of Thrones' bigger Season 8 secrets will be on lockdown until its presumed premiere in 2019. For some new and returning TV shows that can be binged by fans needing to kill a lot of time until said premiere, visit our midseason premiere guide. Those still wishing to dwell on the crazy year that was 2017 should check out our cancellation guide that features all the shows that managed to get axed in the past year, or head over to our craziest live television moments and reminisce on some of the craziness that may have been forgotten.

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