As if it really needed to be said, 2017 was loaded with some crazy moments. While there are many moments worth mentioning throughout the year, only a handful of them had cameras rolling during and aired without editing. In total, there are 9 moments from 2017 that deserve to be relived if only as proof that no one can ever predict what will happen when TV is live. Some of these moments are funny and heartwarming, others sad and shocking, and some manage to be all of these things at once. Here are the top 9 craziest moments of live television in 2017:

Kid Busts In On Weather Report And Talks About Farts, NBC WLBT 3

If kids weren't banned from the newsroom at the WLBT studios, one would think they are now. When weatherman Patrick Ellis had a child run onto the set smack dab in the middle of his forecast, he figured he'd play off the moment and allow his new friend to help him deliver the news. That turned out to be a huge mistake as his little co-host proceeded to tell the good people of Jackson, Mississippi that the area was covered in "toots and farts" before being whisked off camera by another adult. Ultimately the moment was laughed off, and Ellis went viral as the man who allowed flatulence to be part of an official weather forecast.

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