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As one of the oldest and most respected television news corporations out there, CBS News has done an impressive job over the years of sidestepping controversies and scandals. The organization did take a hit this year, though, when former CBS This Morning anchor Charlie Rose was fired after sexual misconduct allegations were brought against him. 2018 is looking a little brighter for CBS This Morning, though, as Face the News host John Dickerson has officially been tapped as Rose's replacement.

Joining Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell on the CBS Morning News desk is a stellar move for John Dickerson, who is not only an extremely well-respected journalist, but also an extremely busy one. This deal was likely in motion for a while now, since it was revealed that Dickerson will take over Charlie Rose's former position immediately, starting on Wednesday, January 10. That said, it will take a few weeks for Dickerson to transition out of his work on Face the Nation, so he'll be pulling double duties for a short while.

And you can bet that the show's cast and crew are pumped to have John Dickerson on the team. Below is the reaction from CBS This Morning executive producer Ryan Kadro.

The son of esteemed journalist and documentary producer Nancy Dickerson, John Dickerson has had a solid career covering all things politics. He was a White House correspondent for Time magazine during George W. Bush's presidency, he was the chief political correspondent for Slate Magazine, and he first joined CBS News in April of 2009 as a contributor to quite a few of the programs across CBS' different platforms. He was named the network's political director, and eventually became the Face the Nation moderator in 2015. Plus, he's got several podcasts, as written some books, and also writes for The Atlantic.

In CBS's announcement, John Dickerson offered a humble statement about joining Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell

On the campaign trail, I've collected compliments about CBS This Morning's commitment to the news for years now. Every time I've been on the show, I haven't wanted the conversation with Norah and Gayle to end when my segment does. Now it doesn't have to.

The CBS This Morning team, particularly Gayle King, has been busy talking about Oprah Winfrey's Golden Globes speech, as well as discussing any potential run at the Presidency she might be kicking around. And there were indeed rumors that Winfrey was being sought after by CBS execs to take Rose's spot. But Dickerson ended up getting the gig, and his involvement also got touched upon in non-Oprah moments in the telecast, so he wasn't completely pushed to the back burner. The show may have been slower to replace its ousted anchor than Today was with Matt Lauer's vacant chair, but the producers made a great choice here, and viewers will no doubt like that such a trustworthy replacement was picked.

CBS This Morning airs every weekday morning on CBS at 8:00 a.m. ET. To see what shows are airing in the primetime hours in the coming months, head over to our midseason premiere schedule.

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