Jennifer Lopez Is Returning To Will And Grace For Multiple Roles

J Lo on Will and Grace Season 6

Because the popularity of the nostalgia trend, there is a never ending supply of revival and reboots hitting both the small and silver screen. This includes NBC's revival of Will & Grace, which has already been renewed for a second season. The acclaimed sitcom easily picked up where it left off, with the starring cast jumping back into their signature roles with ease. The revival has also brought back a ton of the show's notable guest stars, and now it's landed another one. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez will once again be returning to the series, but with a twist. She'll actually be playing herself (again), as well as her character from NBC's Shades of Blue.

Jennifer Lopez will one again be guest starring in Will & Grace as a fictionalized version of herself. But rather than just J. Lo showing up to chat with Karen or hire Jack for another tour, she'll also be guest starring in another role. Lopez will also be playing Detective Harlee Santos, her character from Shades of Blue. It looks like she's going to have to pull an American Horror Story, and play multiple roles at once.

While news of J. Lo's return to Will & Grace is going to excited the hardcore fandom, it's definitely an unexpected twist that the series will be crossing over with Shades of Blue. The new cop show was renewed for a third season on NBC, and I guess Jennifer Lopez and the producers would like to get some free advertising from Will & Grace before its return. Smart move by the network.

Jennifer Lopez guest starred in three episodes of Will & Grace's original run. She was an old family friend of Karen's maid Rosario, which inspired her to agree to sing at Karen's Wedding with Lyle Finster (John Cleese). And when one of her backup dancers fell on a shrimp tail, Jack stepped up to the plate and ultimately got to join her on her tour. She's eventually show back up when Karen and Jack ran into her on the subway (lol), and Karen pitched her some love songs.

Throughout her three appearances on Will & Grace, Jennifer Lopez proved that she was willing to be silly and poke fun at herself. Jokes about her failed marriages where made, as well as digs about her perfume, Glow. So the fact that she'll be back is super exciting, especially to the many fans who have been watching the series on syndication for the past decade. And while hew next appearance might also include a not so subtle Shades of Blue ad, I guess everyone likes a crossover event.

Will & Grace airs new episodes Thursday on NBC. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch, and our cancellation list to see if your favorite show got the chop.

Corey Chichizola
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