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If I personally had to narrow down my favorite drama and my favorite comedy from the last few years I wouldn't hesitate to tell you Breaking Bad and Community. As a result, I couldn't be more ecstatic or excited for the next season of the NBV sitcom. Actor Johnathan Banks - who played the gruff but loveable Mike on Vince Gillian's brilliant series - is set to appear in multiple episodes of Community's fifth season, and today The Huffington Post has debuted our first look at him in character.

As we learned back in August, Banks will be playing Professor Buzz Hickey on the show, and he will be the study group's gruff and mysterious criminology teacher. He will be appearing in an amazing 11 episodes, so he'll basically be a part of the regular cast. Check him out chilling in the Greendale cafeteria in the second image below.

Jonathan Banks Community 2

Awesomely enough, Banks' presence on the show won't be the only connection to Breaking Bad that Community will have this season. Earlier this month it was reported that Vince Gillian himself would have a role in an upcoming episode and will be playing a “a smooth-talking gold-digger.” Here's hoping that the episode finds some way to put the showrunner and Banks on screen together (or at the very least awkwardly point at the fact that Banks isn't in the episode). Other upcoming guest stars set to show up this season include David Cross, Mitchell Hurwitz, Nathan Fillion, Walton Goggins, and Ben Folds, with Brie Larson, LeVar Burton and Rob Corddry all set to come back to reprise their roles from previous episodes. With Harmon back in the driver's seat it's hard not to get extremely excited.

Community will be back on NBC Thursday nights starting right after New Years on January 2nd, the entire study group set to return with the exception of Chevy Chase's Pierce Hawthorne, who graduated at the end of last season. Wile we have yet to see any actual footage from the upcoming season yet I will leave you with these two clips to get you ready:

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