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2008 Winter TV Preview: Rob And Big

Rob & Big - Season 3

Premieres: Tuesday, January 8th, at 10:30 p.m. EST

Network: MTV

Creator(s):Rob Dyrdek, Chris Boykin, Jeff Tremain, Ruben Fleischer

Starring:: Rob Dyrdek, Chris “Big Black” Boykin


Rob & Big is a reality series centering on skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his best friend/bodyguard Chris “Big Black” Boykin. Rob’s been skateboarding since he was 12 and doing it professionally since he was 16. His friend/bodyguard “Big” earns his nickname from his 416 pound, 6’6” frame.

The first two seasons of their reality series focus on some of Rob’s skateboarding as well as the time he and Big spend together when Rob isn’t working. This generally includes doing things like spending time with Meaty (the dog), picking up chicks, attempting to travel through time and getting into all sorts of mischief. Everything you’d expect a professional skateboarder and his bodyguard to be doing when they’re not skateboarding or bodyguarding.

When the third season starts up, the duo discover a mysterious item floating in their swimming pool. Later on in the season, they'll throw Meaty a Sweet 14th Birthday party, take a trip to California to enter their mini-horse, Mini into a horse show and at some point, Big will try to teach Rob what it's like to be a big man in a small-man's world.

I’ve been kind of out of the loop with regards to MTV’s reality TV shows these days but I’ve actually heard some pretty good things about Rob & Big. To me, it looks like the kind of show I could watch when there’s nothing else on and I just want to watch something that will make me laugh and not have to think too hard. Seeing as it airs on Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m. when there really is nothing else on and the series description looks like it fits the fun but mindless criteria that I’d be interested in at that time of night, I’m thinking that I might actually check this show out when it premieres.

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Kelly West
Kelly West

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