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If you have ever flown, then you know what it is like to go through security at an airport. The folks at the Transportation Safety Administration have to deal with all sorts of possible security threats on a daily basis, which means taking anything and everything seriously. As it turns out, a TV news crew in New Jersey recently found that out the hard way by getting arrested for trying to smuggle a fake bomb through a security checkpoint.

The incident went down in Newark, New Jersey on Thursday when, according to CBS New York, a TV crew attempted to make it through the TSA checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport with an item resembling an improvised explosive device. However, Rod from GetOut must have been on-duty that day, because the TSA very quickly and thoroughly handled it. The group reportedly did not make it beyond the checkpoint, and when they were stopped, members of the crew attempted to film the encounter with the TSA agents sent to investigate.

Following the incident, TSA Public Affairs spokesperson Lisa Farbstein took to social media to share an image from the checkpoint and explain what had happened. You can check out her tweet, below.

This is one of many bizarre incidents to take place between people at airports and the TSA agents who patrol said airports over the years. In addition to the crew getting stopped for the fake bomb on Thursday, we have also reported on Bad Boys II actress Gabrielle Union getting patted down because of her hair weave, TSA scanners being used to find hidden artwork, and even a weird moment in which security pulled Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West off of a plane for not going through proper TSA channels. Given the sheer number of insane things that seem to go down at airports these days (not the least of which includes this most recent fake bomb scare) we think it might be time for a reboot of Wings, if not an entirely new show about airport life. Maybe LA to Vegas on Fox will be a hit!

So now might be a good time for us to reiterate the fact that it's likely not a good idea to try and smuggle a fake bomb through security at an airport -- even if it is just for the sake of journalism. Make sure to keep that lesson in mind, and while you are at it, take a look at CinemaBlend's 2018 midseason premiere guide!

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