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Why Jack's Death On This Is Us Won't Matter Too Much

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When Jack Pearson's death is finally shown on This Is Us, it will be a much anticipated and sad moment. Fans have been waiting for this moment since the beginning, which may have led many to think this moment is much more important than it actually is. In reality, Jack's death really won't matter that much at all in terms of the show's future, and any fan currently questioning that claim need only remember a couple of key facts about the series.

The Death Will Affect Us, But Not The Plot

Jack Pearson's death has been hyped to This Is Us fans since the show's early days, and while many fans already know what's generally going to happen, it's still going to hit them in the feels. As hyped as it is though, Jack's death is just another backstory that ultimately winds back to The Big Three and provides subtext into some of the moments happening in the present day storyline. Essentially, we already know how Jack's death shaped each Pearson child. Showing his death will be meaningful, it will ultimately hold little relevance towards the series' future plot.

After all, This is Us isn't as much about Jack and Rebecca Pearson as it's about their children. Jack's death has certainly been an interesting mystery to follow, but at the end of the day, the information gained in it is far more interesting. After all, the how and why he died has shaped the Pearson children all along, and they aren't going anywhere. Unless the upcoming episode shows Jack faking his own death and fleeing the country, fans can expect things to be business as usual not too long following the episode's airing.

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It's Not Like Jack Will Be Leaving The Show

Even though Jack Pearson may soon be dying on This Is Us, it's not like Milo Ventimiglia is going to suddenly drop off the series. The show is known for its non-linear flashbacks, and as such, Jack Pearson flashbacks will most likely continue to cover the years prior to his death. Of course, there will also be more flashbacks that don't feature Jack in addition to those that chronicle the time immediately following his death. There's still too much to learn about Jack to get rid of him completely.

That's what This Is Us has teased anyway. While the show made it clear Season 2 will show Jack Pearson's death, the writers have also introduced elements to Jack's story that will likely be visited down the line. For example, it was revealed earlier this season that Jack had a younger brother who we never knew about before this season. That same brother served with Jack in Vietnam, which is another part of Jack's past that Milo Ventimiglia has expressed interest in the show covering in future storylines. With This Is Us' writers continuing to introduce more storylines regarding Jack's past on their road to killing him off, it doesn't appear that they're planning for him to suddenly disappear.

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