Why SEAL Team Is Changing Up Its Story Structure, According To David Boreanaz

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SEAL Team was one of multiple new action-packed dramas that hit the airwaves back in the fall of the 2017-2018 TV season, and CBS didn't waste any time in giving a full season order for the new series. The first portion of Season 1 more or less balanced the SEAL action with personal stories of the Bravo Team's lives at home. That balance will change for an upcoming arc as Bravo Team is shipped overseas and far from their families. Star David Boreanaz has addressed the upcoming change, saying this:

We knew this was coming. We wanted this in order to push the envelope on a show that we are so proud of that takes chances, not only with our characters, and how that works going in deployment and how it becomes almost two shows in one. That's real life, it's happened.

In an upcoming episode of SEAL Team, Jason (David Boreanaz) and Bravo Team must leave their families ahead of their previous deployment date and ship out to Afghanistan after the previous team was massacred. Bravo Team will have no choice but to head deep into a war zone while mourning the soldiers who were killed and dealing with being forced to leave their lives in the U.S. so abruptly. The rest of Season 1 will exclusively follow the SEALs on their Afghanistan mission with extremely limited contact to the outside world.

The split between Navy SEAL action and the more domestic lives led by Bravo Team at home has really defined SEAL Team so far, so isolating the story to Afghanistan will undoubtedly mark a major tonal shift. The SEALs won't get to take any breathers with their loved ones. Their lives will probably get much more intense sooner than they were expecting, which won't be easy as they're thrust into extraordinarily high-stakes situations.

All of this said, David Boreanaz went on in his chat with ET to confirm that there will be some contact with the characters back home:

Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) will be Facetiming with his wife a lot. We're not going to be filming what's going on back home while we're away. When we're in deployment, you're with us. The POV will always be with us.

The rest of Season 1 won't feature footage of the families and loved ones left at home as they go about their lives without the SEALs, but some of the characters will evidently factor into the plot. Ray's wife will appear via FaceTime, and Boreanaz also revealed that Jason will be chatting with Alana on the phone. We'll have to wait and see just how much of home the SEALs can take with them when they deploy to Afghanistan.

You can catch new episodes of SEAL Team on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. For more of your viewing options now and in the coming months, be sure to swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule and our 2018 Netflix premiere guide.

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