The Flash Explains How Elongated Man Becomes A Hero In Exclusive Season 4 Video

The Flash brought in a new metahuman to join Team Flash in Season 4 with Ralph Dibny, a.k.a. Elongated Man. Like Barry Allen and the other metas of Team Flash, Ralph gained fantastical abilities ideal for fighting crime. Unlike the other Team Flash metas, however, Ralph didn't exactly jump at the opportunity to use his powers to help others. His journey toward becoming a hero has delivered a fair amount of heart (and a lot of laughs) in Season 4 so far, and we can be sure that his journey isn't anywhere near an end. In an exclusive special feature video from The Flash Season 4 digital season pass, the show breaks down what Ralph must do to truly become a hero as Elongated Man. Take a look!

Before becoming Elongated Man, Ralph Dibny was a shady private detective who had been ousted from the Central City Police Department for planting evidence. He became a meta when he was exposed to dark matter after Barry's wild escape from the Speed Force, but he didn't become a full-fledged member of Team Flash right off the bat. As you can see in the clip, Ralph at the start had a very long way to go before truly becoming a superhero. For more of Ralph Dibny as Elongated Man, be sure to get the season pass for The Flash Season 4 on digital retailers if you haven't already. You can gain your access to this clip courtesy of the Season 4 season pass beginning on Thursday, February 1.

All things considered, fans are likely to see plenty of Elongated Man in the coming episodes of Season 4. Team Flash has been Flash-less ever since Barry was locked up in Iron Heights, and Kid Flash will be too busy joining another superhero show to pitch in and impersonate the Scarlet Speedster. The presence of Ralph as Elongated Man on the team could make all the difference in protecting Central City. After all, he was key in stopping the latest incarnation of the Trickster from spreading mayhem throughout the city, and he managed to get through being shrunk (and then embiggened) without losing his taste for heroics. Throw in the fact that he finally got his awesome supersuit courtesy of Cisco, and he's really beginning to fit in with the heroes of the team.

The whole superhero squad of Team Flash -- including the civvie members like Iris and Harry -- will undoubtedly need to be at their best now that Barry has been outed as the Flash to the warden of Iron Heights. The latest episode ended with Barry on the verge of being sold to Amunet, and Amunet has already proved herself ruthless when it comes to what she wants. Amunet may not be prepared to face Elongated Man now that he has become more comfortable and creative with his abilities. He could make all the difference in battling her just as he might make all the difference in ultimately taking down the Thinker.

We'll have to wait and see. To rewatch all of Elongated Man's episodes so far and discover other fun digital special features, be sure to check out the Season 4 digital season pass for The Flash on digital retailers like iTunes and Amazon now. The episodes that have already aired are certainly worth watching again, and the convenience of a season pass should make it easy to keep up with the latest developments and episodes.

You can catch new episodes of The Flash on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more viewing options, don't forget to swing by our midseason TV premiere guide.

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