How Katee Sackhoff's New Flash Villain Amunet Black Is Like The Joker

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For those who haven't watched The Flash's latest episode, "Girls Night Out," there are some spoilers lower in the article.

With a renewed focus on bringing hijinks and shenanigans back to Central City, The Flash has made these early Season 4 days quite fun indeed, and the most recent episode welcomed another excellent addition in Katee Sackhoff's metal-minded metahuman Amunet Black. The Battlestar Galactica vet spoke with CinemaBlend's Laura Hurley about this villainous Flash debut and more, and some interesting comparisons to The Joker were made during the conversation. In Sackhoff's words:

I wanted this villain to not just come in and be a villain. I wanted her to be fun to watch and for her to enjoy what she's doing. Which she does! She absolutely enjoys her job, which is selling metas and killing people. She loves it, she loves the power of it. And so I wanted the audience to sort of go on this enjoyable ride with her and then make her just a fun villain to watch. You want her to come back.

Whenever Katee Sackhoff signed on for The Flash Season 4, she was noted as being a recurring character, so we thankfully didn't need to truly worry about Amunet's fate by the end of the episode. (Not that things didn't get dangerously frosty.) After seeing her in action, and hearing her accent, I'd say her return is most definitely going to be anticipated by fans who adored the energetic and Joker-scented performance. And we know when she's coming back, too!

Even though she only had a few scenes, Amunet Black feels like just the kind of Arrow-verse baddie who should get at least a semi-permanent home on one of the shows. Donning such a specific look, combined with the bravado-oozing demeanor, Katee Sackhoff would be a perfect partner in crime for Mark Hamill's Trickster. Those are two characters I would love to get trapped in an elevator with for a while. Assuming they didn't want to kill me, of course.

Because Mark Hamill has been the iconic voice of The Joker in a number of different projects, that seems like a fine segue to a more specific way Katee Sackhoff conjured up the legendary DC villain in her performance.

I wanted her to be maniacal and I wanted her to have this like Joker-esque sort of like sensibilities to her where she was always smiling. So you really like her but also she will kill you. She might not even have a reason. It might just be cause she heard baby violins in her head and it made her mad and she just killed you. Like, she's crazy.

We love to smile here at CinemaBlend, but any time one of us is smiling a little too much for every single situation that comes up, suspicions start to develop. (Also, we're cautious of baby violins in general.) But we're down to watch Amunet Black's domineering grins on The Flash as often as possible. I hope we'll see her in a purple suit for her next appearance later in Season 4, when she's thoughtlessly killing off whatever gets in her way.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when other shows are yet to come, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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