2017 was a stellar year for Stephen King fans, as the author put out two books, and we got a whopping four feature film adaptations of his work, with two TV series adaptations also getting released. 2018 won't be nearly as stacked, but we now have our second big look at Hulu's Castle Rock, which is bringing a host of King's characters and locations together for a fright-filled and star-studded show like no other. Check it out!

Now, it's only 30 seconds long, and it doesn't exactly give us a whole lot to go on as far as storylines go, but it's a doozy of a teaser when it comes to visuals that should speak volumes to Stephen King fans. Specific plot points have been kept under wraps -- not uncommon for a J.J. Abrams-produced project -- but we know that the cast is filled with stars such as Daredevil's Scott Glenn as King regular Alan Pangborn, Sissy Spacek as Ruth Deaver, André Holland as Henry Deaver, with other cast members including Bill Skarsgård, Terry O'Quinn, Jane Levy, Melanie Lynskey and more.

So without a whole lot of big plot issues to discuss, let's focus our attention on the selection of Stephen King-flavored shots that pop up throughout the trailer. And what better way to start off than with one moment that resembles one of 2017's biggest box office hits?

Creepy Bill Skarsgård

The big screen IT adaptation should have immediately come to mind during the Castle Rock trailer, specifically when we see Bill Skarsgård's prisoner character, who can be seen through the small rectangle slot of a metal cell door. Though he doesn't have clown makeup or glowing eyes here, the moment still resembles the opening scene from IT, in which just the face of Skarsgård's Pennywise can be seen in the sewer drain as he's talking to Georgie. Perhaps it's not overtly intentional when seen in the show itself, but that's gotta be the case for this trailer moment, right?


And where is Bill Skarsgård's character imprisoned? Why, Shawshank, of course. The famed penitentiary at the heart of The Shawshank Redemption looks to play a sizable role here, with Henry Deaver paying the inmate a visit after mysteriously being contacted. We know some particularly dark things have gone on inside Shawshank's walls, and Castle Rock will likely add a few more entries onto that list.

A Mysterious Sink Drain

In another possible IT reference, or perhaps a shoutout to a zillion other horror movie moments, we see a drain just as some kind of red liquid makes its way down the sink. This clearly isn't blood, as it usually goes in situations like this, but it could very well be someone washing off a bloody wound. Everybody take a shot of V8 if something other than water starts coming out of that faucet during that scene.

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