Dwayne Johnson Will Show Off Muscles In New TV Show, Watch His Inspiring Announcement

The Rock has a new show on the way that will highlight two of his favorite pastimes: feats of strength and showing off muscles. Watch Dwayne Johnson pump some iron in an inspiring announcement for his upcoming NBC reality series Titan Games below, and see The Rock pop his perfect pecs while speaking to the audience:

Dwayne Johnson is looking for some physically fit folks for The Titan Games, which sounds like a television show that's the love-child of American Ninja Warrior and American Gladiator. The series is set for 10 episodes and will pit contestants against six reigning "Titans" in challenges that will test their physical, mental, and emotional limits. Should a contestant defeat a Titan in their challenge, they take the defeated Titan's place for the next episode. This will continue on until the season finale of The Titan Games, which Deadline reports will pit the show's final Titans against one another until one man and woman are left standing as winners. Johnson will host the series as well as executive produce alongside American Ninja Warrior production company A. Smith & Co, as well as some others.

The Titan Games is currently seeking contestants for the competition, but applicants should be warned that this doesn't sound like a game show just anyone can be on. The landing page for applications specifically notes the show is looking for athletic individuals, so those who spend more time on the couch eating chips than at the gym likely aren't the ideal candidates. Those candidates can certainly reach out to their gym-rat friends, however, and tell them to sign up before NBC stops taking applications on Saturday, April 14.

The Titan Games might have trouble finding some people as buff as Dwayne Johnson, but surely the show will draw at least some of the hopefuls for American Ninja Warrior over to compete for glory. The show's core theme is rooted in Johnson's belief that every individual has the potential for greatness, which is just wholesome enough to make even the laziest individual attempt a push up. Johnson talked more about his philosophy and his love of sports with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show shortly after his promo for the series first aired:

Athletics were there for Dwayne Johnson through his best and worst times, and apparently, athletics can be there for even the average joes thanks to The Titan Games. Johnson's appearance on The Tonight Show certainly won't be his only stop to promote the upcoming show, so WWE fans might want to prepare for the Rock to deliver a promo related to the show on an upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw, or even this year's Wrestlemania. Let's just hope the show will live up to all the hype Rock will undoubtedly create for it!

The Titan Games will air on NBC, but no release date has been announced at this time. For some release dates for shows that will arrive in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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