How This Is Us Will Expand Rebecca And Miguel's Story In Season 3

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This Is Us is going pretty heavy on the Jack storylines in Season 2, but that may change in the future, as Miguel will finally get his chance to shine. The NBC drama has thus far only offered a glimpse of Miguel's married life with Rebecca, but actor Jon Huertas recently said the two's courtship and then some will get more of a spotlight in Season 3, and he's hoping the upcoming arcs will encourage some fans to stop giving Miguel such a hard time for marrying his best friend's widow.

In the next season, we really open it up. There are still some people that still need some convincing. . . . We'll get more into Kate and Randall reacting to the news of Rebecca and Miguel hanging out again. Next season I think we'll see more of that.

This Is Us fans already know a small bit about how Rebecca and Miguel got together, as last year's Halloween episode revealed the two first reconnected over Facebook in 2008. We knew the two didn't "connect" until well after The Big Three were into adulthood, but certain suspicions were raised when Kevin recently asked Miguel about whether or not he loved Rebecca while Jack was alive. In the present so far, the Big Three's relationship with Miguel has been uncomfortable at best, with much room for advancement.

That will be addressed more in Season 3 as well, with one Pearson offspring not taking it so well. This Is Us fans are well aware that Kevin isn't very into the concept of Rebecca and Miguel, and even though he has come around in recent episodes, one can imagine he will have the strongest immediate reaction out of anyone, should the story arc indeed show everyone's first reactions. But not to be outdone, Kate will possibly also put forth a memorable backlash for those Season 3 flashbacks; her demeanor regarding Miguel is certainly more mature than Kevin's, although it'd be unfair to say it's too much better.

Jon Huertas went more into Kate and Miguel's dynamic with TVGuide, and he offered some insight into why Kate actually has a problem with her future stepfather:

With Kate, [she] and Miguel have a kind of stand-offish sort of thing. She's going to support Kevin because they're twins. We just haven't explored too much of that yet.

Really, the only Pearson who likely won't react too adversely to the hookup is Randall. He has been cordial with Miguel in their encounters, and This Is Us fans know that as long as Rebecca's happy, mama's boy Randall is gonna be happy, too. With around 10 years between Jack's death and Miguel linking up with Rebecca, there will be plenty of potentially dramatic and/or fun moments to explore, with Miguel and Rebecca's wedding definitely a day that fans would want to see. If the Pearson kids would act half as emotionally erratic at that weeding as they did at Jack's funeral, viewers would be in for a treat.

This Is Us returns to NBC with new episodes on Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a look at more upcoming programming, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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