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Arrow Reveals First Look At Arsenal's Dangerous Return

Arsenal is headed back to Arrow, and CinemaBlend has a first look at the hero's dangerous decision to return. Star City is currently in a state of disarray, and while we're not sure if Roy Harper was completely aware of that before he made his way back into town, he definitely finds out before too long, as he gets intercepted by two none too friendly looking officers of the S.C.P.D.:

Roy Harper Colton Haynes Arrow The CW

Given the current state of Star City, one has to wonder why these officers are using a phonebook to rough up Roy Harper. Ricardo Diaz doesn't seem like the type of guy who will bring an officer to justice for leaving bruises on a guy, so maybe they're just using whatever's handy to inflict the most damage and spare their hands? Whatever these officers' reasoning is, it would seem like Roy did something to get himself in this situation, and while the episode description for "Doppelganger" said Oliver and Thea know why Roy's back in town, Arrow fans will have to wait for that answer. Marc Guggenheim said back when Roy's return was announced that his presence in town is tied to a "high-stakes matter," which makes sense, because just about everything in Arrow Season 6 has been a high-stakes situation.

Oliver and Thea's discovery leads to her coming to the rescue of her ex-boo. Thea appears to be successful in her rescue and managed to get to Roy before that pretty mug of his got roughed up by a phonebook. Unfortunately, his ribs weren't so lucky:

Roy Harper Colton Haynes Willa Holland Thea Arrow The CW

Roy and Thea will be reunited, and Marc Guggenheim teased this reunion will have a big impact on both of their lives. That sounds like Arrow is working towards writing Thea off the show, which isn't that surprising, considering the series has made concerted efforts over the years to give Willa Holland a break from Arrow's rampant filming schedule. If Thea ran away with Roy, the show would stop having to come up with reasons why she isn't around, and Holland would have the freedom to pursue other interests and return to the show at her own leisure. That said, we have no guarantee this is happening, and it's looked like Arrow has tried to write off Thea before and those instances turned out to be nothing. If Thea isn't leaving Arrow, though, what could happen to impact both of these characters?

Arrow returns to The CW Thursday, March 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET. For more on the premieres and returns of other superhero shows, check out CinemaBlend's superhero premiere guide. For more information on new television in general, head over to our midseason premiere guide.

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