Planet Earth's David Attenborough Has A New TV Show That's Set To Blow Your Mind

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David Attenborough is largely responsible for exposing a majority of the modern world to remote locations and the creatures that live within them. Audiences have responded well to the work, which is likely why the world is about to get yet another Attenborough led look at wildlife. That's right the Planet Earth host will again collaborate with The BBC to bring another TV show that's set to blow your mind. The series' working title is called Dynasty, and will seek to tell tales of the animal kingdom in ways Planet Earth or The Blue Planet have not.

While the "lion's share," of David Attenborough's past projects have focused on regions and the animals living within them, Dynasty will focus on specific species of animals at critical moments in their lives. Each episode will feature a different animal: lions, chimpanzees, hunting dogs, tigers, and emperor penguins will all be seen doing whatever they can to maintain order and protect their land and family. Deadline reports the five-part series is set to air later this year, although no exact time frame has been provided on when to expect the nature series.

Dynasty is a production of BBC Studios' Natural History Unit for BBC One in association with BBC America and France Télévisions and is executive produced by Mike Gunton. The series is produced by Rupert Barrington and commissioned by BBC Director of Content Charlotte Moore and Head of Commissioning Natural History and Specialist Factual Tom McDonald. Of course, all those names come second to David Attenborough when it comes to viewers, as his narration has become the staple of premiere nature documentaries.

David Attenborough is the draw, but The BBC also deserves a ton of credit for the breathtaking nature documentaries it consistently pushes out to mass audiences. Dynasty looks as though it will continue that tradition of stunning documentaries, as the five-part series took around four years to create. The subject matter of animals protecting their family and territory almost guarantee a lot of fights between other predators, so nature doc lovers who love a good smackdown will do well to keep an eye out for this upcoming series. Whether any of those fights will be as climactic as that iguana chase scene from Planet Earth II though remains to be seen.

The David Attenborough presented series Dynasty will arrive on BBC America at some point later this year. For a look at some other shows set to make a splash in 2018 that have set premiere dates, head on over to CinemaBlend's midseason premiere guide. For more on exotic animals and why they're best viewed on your television screen, read up on this incident in which a zookeeper lost her life after a Tiger attacked her while she was in its pen.

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