What This Is Us' Latest Plot Twist Could Mean For Randall

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the This Is Us episode "Vegas, Baby." Read at your own risk!

This Is Us went to Vegas for an episode, but all the action was happening back at home as Deja reached out to Randall during the trip. The call ended up persuading Beth and Randall to pay a visit to their former foster daughter when they returned home, only to discover the girl and her mother had been evicted. The two stepped outside and found Deja and her mother sleeping in their car, which is obviously something neither parent can abide by. So how will this Deja's plot twist affect Beth and Randall? Here's what we're thinking.

One thing that seems certain is that Deja might not be the only person coming to live with Beth and Randall, as the two aren't just going to let Deja's mother suffer on the streets while they take in her daughter. After all, if Beth and Randall really wanted Deja's mom out of the picture they could've called child services when Deja first arrived weeks prior asking for money to pay her mom's gas bill so she wouldn't be removed from the home again. That's not to say Beth and Randall are sympathetic towards Deja's mom one bit, but they do care for Deja, who in turn cares for her mom. Given that, and the fact that it wouldn't be the first time Randall took a stranger into his home on This Is Us, its possible Deja's mom is coming to live with the Pearsons as well.

Better yet, Deja and her mom could move into the apartment building owned by Randall and Beth. Deja's mom has made it clear she's not the biggest fan of either foster parent, so an apartment setup would limit the interaction the three have, while still ensuring Deja's safety. It would also allow Beth and Randall to keep a closer eye on this mother, who the This Is Us audience still knows very little about.

This Is Us fans won't have much longer to wait for answers on what's going on with Deja's mom or the family's situation, as the Season 2 penultimate episode appears to be dedicated to Beth and Randall's former foster daughter. Brief footage from the preview showed Deja selling things at a pawn shop, telling people things were going to be alright, and laughing while watching TV in the Pearson household. Even with all that information we still have no idea what truly to expect when it comes to Deja's future, minus the fact that the experience had a lasting impact on Randall's daughter Tess. Will this next episode reveal why Tess was inspired to become a social worker in the future?

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