Bill Nye Is Headed To Blindspot, But There's A Weird Twist

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In its ever-growing quest to remain a series on television, Blindspot has transformed a lot over its run. Since its premiere, the show has gone from the series that featured headshots on primetime weeknights to the show that is bringing in Bill Nye for a weird plot twist. Nye will enter the series to play himself, but will also play Patterson's father.

That's right, Patterson's papa is none other than the host of Bill Nye The Science Guy! Anyone who may have assumed Patterson's inherent geekiness and keen mind came from her parents were absolutely correct, as the show will soon feature Nye as the character's father. Nye's presence on the show will be short-lived, as he's appearing as a guest-star-- but at least he'll get a chance to see his daughter, and maybe even analyze one of Jane's tattoos.

Blindspot fans may be scratching their heads right now, and they're right to do so. As cool as it is that this series had the guts to introduce a real-life celebrity scientist to play himself on an NBC drama, why hasn't this plot point come up sooner? Wouldn't someone have managed to dig up this previously unrevealed information on Patterson when she was in the FBI, or better yet, wouldn't she eventually tell someone that Bill Nye is her father? What about the last name? Are we to assume Patterson is actually her first name, and her full name is Patterson Nye?

Surely, Blindspot will answer all those questions, and while it might be super goofy to have Bill Nye on the series, its great publicity for the Friday night show. Its also great exposure for Nye, as the science enthusiast has more acting credits than one may assume. Nye has appeared on quite a few television shows outside of his own products such as Stargate: Atlantis, The Big Bang Theory, Numb3rs, and Inside Amy Schumer. Patterson actress Ashley Johnson is seemingly jazzed about his appearance regardless of his accolades as the two did a cute little sketch to promote Nye's upcoming role:

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Wow. Let's just hope Ashley Johnson and Bill Nye's banter is a bit better on Blindspot and that jokes like the one told above are kept to a minimum. Of course, given Patterson's character, there's bound to be some type of goofiness like that to go down between the two when they play father and daughter on-screen. Provided it's more outlandish and fun science experiments and less cornball tech jokes, it should be a great time for all who watch.

Blindspot airs on NBC Fridays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those looking for more Bill Nye can find both Bill Nye The Science Guy and Bill Nye Saves The World streaming on Netflix. For a list of new shows and films appearing on Netflix in 2018, head on over to our Netflix premiere guide. Those wishing to see what's going on with new television in 2018 in general can find out by heading over to our midseason premiere guide.

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