Wait, Could The Walking Dead's Whisperers First Show Up On Fear The Walking Dead?

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Because a world full of zombies can never be dangerous enough, fans of The Walking Dead franchise are always eager to see what the latest and greatest human villains will be. Comic fans know that the hygiene-eschewing Whisperers are just over the All Out War horizon, but what if they're actually being set up to arrive first on Fear the Walking Dead in Season 4? Put on your skeptical investigator hats, everyone.

Below, you can check out the Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 image that jump-started this theory.

fear the walking dead alicia in sewage

To the casual eye, this looks like Alicia caught up in one of the messiest moments of her post-apocalyptic existence, as she's facing off against a small swarm of walkers while waist-deep in what appears to be some heavily mucky sewage. (Okay, so it looks like that even to non-casual eyes.) But when one looks a little closer at the most visible walkers themselves, it becomes clear that things may not be what they seem.

For instance, check out the decrepit baddie that's just over Alicia's right arm, the one who looks a little like Ron Howard's walker. You'll notice his wide eyes are staring right into the back of Alicia's head, but you'll also notice there appears to be a line of healthy, pinkish human skin under his eyes, just above where the walker skin starts up. That would be an indication of the walker skin actually just being a "mask" over a survivor's face, rather than a legitimate walker.

fear the walking dead whisperers

And it's not just the eyes, either. That particular walker's hand can be seen, and while some of it is covered, those fingers do not look like the rotted, gnawed or gnarled fingers that such an aged zombie would have. The same goes for the walker all the way on the right, whose outreached arm also shows off some smooth fingers. Also interesting is that both of those walkers have something covering the palm and back of their hands, perhaps to hide the lack of decomposition to others.

walkers hands fear the walking dead

To now jump into playing the devil's advocate, there are no guarantees that Alicia has stumbled upon the Whisperers for the first time, and this is probably more likely the result of some makeup malfunctions, possibly due to the gross fluids they're wading through. Plus, it doesn't seem like the smartest move for the Whisperers to be holed up in that location, since it looks absolutely miserable.

Even though Morgan is heading to Fear the Walking Dead soon, which possibly necessitates a Whisperers-friendly time jump, it would be a strange decision to port such a noteworthy Walking Dead comic group over to the companion series. Especially after Season 3 expertly delved into how humanity is indeed the true evil in this world. Granted, the Whisperers' potential Fear the Walking Dead inclusion was something previously teased by Robert Kirkman, which coincided with Nick wanting to become one with the walkers in Season 2. But a tease is all it was at the time. What about now, though?

What do you guys think? Let us know below. With a handful of famous new faces joining the ensemble, Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 will debut on AMC on Sunday, April 15, at 10:00 p.m. ET, just after The Walking Dead's Season 8 finale. Check out the exclusive Season 4 pics we received this week, and then to see what else is coming to primetime in the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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