Nathan Fillion Will Apparently Reprise Firefly's Captain Mal For New Guest Spot

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Few TV shows have spawned fans quite as rabid as Firefly has, wth part of its popularity tied into its "Cancelled Too Soon" status. Star Nathan Fillion has gone on to bigger (and sometimes nonexistent) roles and brighter pastures, but nothing will stop people from clamoring for more Firefly. So it's pretty exciting, then, that Fillion will somehow return to the role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds for an upcoming guest role on the ABC comedy American Housewife. But how is it going to happen?

ABC took to social media to promote American Housewife's newest, and arguably its most intergalactically badass, guest star, and that post got Firefly fans scratching their heads. Because it doesn't introduce Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal, and nor does it reference Firefly in any way. Instead, it states that this two-episode cameo will see Fillion playing himself. Which does thankfully mean American Housewife won't need to spend an entire episode explaining how humanity conquered space travel. Check out the post below.

Doesn't look like stars Katy Mixon and Meg Donnelly are too uncomfortable while snuggling up against one of the greatest space bandits to ever wield a blaster. But why is Fillion in his Captain Mal garb, and what are all those doohickeys behind them?

It would appear that the actors are all onboard the Serenity, which adds even more mystery to this guest spot. Nathan Fillion loves to tease a Firefly reunion, so will there be a faux show revival within the American Housewife universe? And will at least one episode be filming somewhere near Westport, necessitating Katie and/or Taylor's involvement on the set? Or will this be one of the more elaborately staged costume parties in sitcom history? However it goes, hopefully we'll get to see some crazy moment that never happened on Firefly itself

For anyone skeptical that Nathan Fillion is actually wearing his Firefly costume, the actor also took to social media to tease his new/old role, using a few key hashtags.

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Since that fairly mind-boggling Castle debacle (in which co-star Stana Katic was fired ahead of the drama's outright cancellation), Nathan Fillion has filled his schedule with a slew of various gigs. He's been on Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rick and Morty, Santa Clarita Diet and the film Cars 3. And TV fans will soon see him in A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2, and hopefully on his new ABC project, The Rookie, which is currently in the pilot stages. But could this be his best role yet after Firefly itself? We shall see.

We're not yet sure when Nathan Fillion will take the Serenity over to American Housewife, but it's coming soon, so stay tuned every Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. ET. And while you're waiting, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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