Nathan Fillion Can't Stop, Won't Stop Teasing A Firefly Reunion

Nathan Fillion is up to something, but won't explicitly say he's plotting a Firefly reunion. That must be super frustrating for fans as Fillion can't stop and won't stop posting pictures with members of the cast. On the heels of our last report, in which Fillion was pictured with Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin, comes another picture that has us very curious what these guys have been up to. Take a look:

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The picture above (via Facebook) is just one of many Firefly reunions that Nathan Fillion has been sharing. Fillion and co-star Alan Tudyk spent a few days cruising around on a boat, and at some point found time to hang with Morena Baccarin. It could be that this was just three friends who happened to work together on Firefly who wanted to spend a fun couple days out together, but Fillion seems to be dropping some major hints the three could've met to discuss a potential Firefly reunion.

Let's start with the fact that Alan Tudyk, who played the pilot Wash in Firefly, is driving the boat while Fillion does his best captain's pose. Considering that photo credit Nathan Fillion gives belongs to Tudyk's wife Charissa Barton, it's not all that unusual that a man is driving a boat he owns, but then that caption teasing the reference to the show really gives it away. Let's hope things didn't get too nostalgic, and someone decided to launch a harpoon! Has enough time passed to make that joke? Considering how many fans are constantly begging for this show to have a reboot of some kind, it may still be too soon.

Alan Tudyk actually shared with CinemaBlend not that long ago that Nathan Fillion has an idea for how to bring back Firefly, and it sounded pretty rad. Is it possible that idea may have developed into something more in the little over half a year since we've heard anything? If so, what could be in the works that involves Tudyk? Perhaps Fillion is hitting him up for a producer role, or we're all just too hopeful that Firefly is going to return sooner or later.

Unfortunately, Firefly has been ripped from Netflix recently, so those who thought they were going to hop on there tonight for a binge watch after reading this news will have to look elsewhere. While there's nothing new from Firefly coming out in the next couple months, there is a lot of great summer programming new and returning that folks should be tuning in to watch. Take a look at the summer premiere guide to find a new favorite and keep those fingers crossed that someday one of Joss Whedon's amazing shows will make a comeback.

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