Will Simon Be The Next Big Death?

At least one reasonably understandable scenario exists that would explain why Jadis would keep her new prisoner Negan alive, and it involves the two antagonists forming a coalition of sorts, with Simon as their shared target. (And probably Rick, too, but that's another story.) Negan now knows that Simon explicitly went against the super-specific order of only killing one person, and if Jadis can be convinced that Negan's disciplinary rage is worth keeping around, then Simon's days are most certainly numbered.

Things should get really interesting when Negan shows up again to see that Simon and Dwight have attempted to usurp leadership duties, something that already played out on a smaller scale whenever Negan brought the ill-fallen Father Gabriel in. And something tells me the punishment here will be just a tad more severe than a hot iron to the face, especially since Jadis will be adding to the sentencing. Then, the question would shift to how Jadis and Negan could move forward from that moment.

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