This Is Us is a series that figuratively feeds on the tears of its audiences; at least, one can assume that based on its killer ratings coinciding with its attempts to floor us. As sorrowful as the show can be at times, This Is Us is unquestionably one of the best dramas on television, and many of the series' saddest moments could very well be the reasons fans keep tuning in episode after episode.

With Season 2 now behind us (and making us question certain things), we're looking back to revisit the episodes that wreaked the most emotional devastation on fans. So call off all appointments and join us for the 7 This Is Us moments that absolutely left viewers in crumpled messes when they were through.

7. Jack's Death

Many This Is Us fans might consider Jack's death to be the saddest moment of the series, and we certainly agree it was a gut punch, but we can't in good conscience put it near the top. Fans have known since the fifth episode that Jack Pearson was no longer living in the present, but while the wound was fresh for the family in the flashback, that early reveal certainly eased the fanbase's suffering. But no amount of prep could emotionally shield us when watching Rebecca, who'd been assuming best case scenarios, learn that Jack had died of a heart attack. It was perhaps the most heartbreaking TV moment to immediately follow a vending machine purchase.

Level of Devastation: A cry typically reserved for an event everyone knew was coming. Still very sad, but a sadness eased by mental preparation. Perfect single-tear material.

6. Toby's "Heart Attack"

Toby is now a beloved staple of This Is Us, but he seemingly could've been just another sad story arc. The drama began when Toby flew cross-country to win back Kate's love after she'd previously dumped him. The couple did get back together, and things seemed great until the night was cut short by Toby collapsing from a "heart attack," (which was later revealed to be something else). Toby was rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery and fans were left with a cliffhanger that wouldn't be resolved until after a full month of repeats. Needless to say, fans were pretty traumatized at the time, and worried heavily that he wouldn't pull through.

Level of Devastation: Eyes welling uncontrollably and giving way to tear-streams at the thought of This Is Us's biggest mode of comic relief dying like that.

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