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Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched The Walking Dead's latest episode, "Do Not Send Us Astray."

Even though The Walking Dead watered down some of the All Out War's intensity by messing with the timeline, it can't be denied that all the major location battles have provided some big and badass action sequences. The Simon-led Hilltop attack was no different from the more impressive previous efforts, and the additional bonus of walker-stained weapons made these festivities all the more exciting and lethal. And all without the big bad or his baseball bat.

With so many major moments spread across "Do Not Send Us Astray," the Walking Dead's future is becoming a little more clear, while still remaining just hazy enough to make us think we're wrong about all of it. So let's take a look at all the biggest ramifications and takeaways from the episode, starting off with the potentially shifting ideals of one Maggie Rhee, The Widow.

maggie the walking dead

Maggie's Quest For Revenge May Be Faltering

While we're not sure what's happening with Negan under Jadis' watchful eye, his survival remains a thorn in Maggie's entire being. Her entire purpose in putting together the Hilltop's defensive ambush was to bring Negan's reign and life to an end, and Maggie revealed several times just how much fire has been burning within her over Glenn's brutal murder, despite her sometimes subdued demeanor. But after reflecting on how many others are dying to quench her thirst for Negan's death -- combined with Savior Alden's assumed rehabilitation, and everyone's insistence that she's a great leader -- Maggie may just come around to Carl's way of viewing the future, even if hers isn't so rose-tinted. We just hope Lauren Cohan is around to keep the story going, whether Maggie spares Negan's life or not.

Negan's Deadly Plan Is A Proven Success

When Negan introduced his plan to slap walker goop on whatever the Saviors would be aiming at Rick's crew (a strategy first seen in the comics), it made us think back to that last moment from the midseason premiere, even though it wasn't clear if Negan's idea would actually work or not. But the tactic worked extremely well in this episode -- almost too well, really -- and it could easily change the nature of how weapons are used within The Walking Dead. After all, it wasn't bullets that the Saviors first started firing into the Hilltop, but arrows, which could lessen the need for firearm ammunition. And just think of how it could be utilized both large scale, through explosives, and small scale, through needles in pay phone change slots. Scratch that last one.

tobin the walking dead

Tobin And Many Others Are Dead Now

Not only did viewers get proof of how well Negan's strategy worked, but we witnessed its immediate impact within the Hilltop, first seen in the form of Tobin's walker-ized body chowing down on everyone around. Tobin hasn't shown up much lately, but kudos to the writers for giving his fling with Carol some closure before his death, even if it was a ruthlessly harsh form of closure. Also dead is the super-sassy doctor Dana, which means Siddiq will now be in charge of all things healthcare. And then there was Eduardo (whose last words gave Maggie a reality check) and a crowd of other random Hilltop folks and Saviors. The Walking Dead continued to thin its herd, and it'll likely keep getting deadlier before mercy truly prevails.

simon the walking dead

Simon Is Totally Screwed

Simon might have hypothetically been able to wiggle his way out of Negan killing him over the junkyard genocide, and he could have even justified his choice to go forward with the Hilltop attack instead of looking for Negan. But Simon shat on the last straw by directing the Saviors to shoot to kill, even after Dwight brought up how Negan wouldn't be into that. (Not that Dwight has room to talk about Negan's wishes.) And then to condemn his fellow Saviors to uncertain doom by being indifferent about their survival? That goes against just about all of the few good-natured principles that Negan has maintained during his leadership. Even though losing yet another Savior won't be in Negan's best wishes, we're betting Simon's life ends before the war does.

tara holding dwight at gunpoint walking dead

Tara Has Dwight's Back Now

Tara came extremely close to murdering Dwight very recently, but she is now convinced that he is on Team Family's side. Daryl had also recently backed the idea of keeping Dwight alive, but his mind changed after he saw Dwight seemingly try to kill Tara. Of course, viewers could see that Dwight only shot at Tara to stop Simon from doing something worse, and the fact that Tara was still alive and healthy by the end of the episode should have been a big sign to everyone that her injury wasn't caused by a tainted weapon. Which doesn't prove that karma isn't a bitch, as Tara so eloquently put it. But it means Dwight likely didn't give his weapons a viscera bath before the attack. Let's hope the good guys recognize that.

the walking dead alden

The Hilltop's Savior Prisoners Are Free

Maggie's treatment of Gregory and the captured Saviors hasn't been altogether saintly, but she's been far kinder than others would have been. And she should be thankful for forcing all that goodwill, since it means there wasn't a total revolt whenever Henry's moronic ass ensured the Saviors' escape during his botched vengeance mission. A decent-sized handful of Saviors remained within the Hilltop and fought to keep the gate intact during the overnight walker massacre, while the rest escaped. That fleeing group included the slimeball Jared, who snatched Henry's gun in the process. But after being left for dead by Simon, will this group strike out on their own, or will they return to the hell they're most familiar with? Also, does it matter? Can Jared just get mauled by a bear already?

morgan the walking dead

Morgan Is Going Off The Deep End Again

Just when you think Morgan might be grasping some form of lasting comfort within his own brain, he isn't. Most recently, the former zen master had reverted back to his kill-em-all lifestyle, but is apparently now back to his more "Clear"-headed ways, complete with trying to attack hallucinations of dead people. Gavin's spectre is haunting Morgan over Henry turning into a murderous monster, and because we all know that Henry is going to do something even more drastically stupid after letting all the Saviors loose, Morgan will likely soon face whatever undoubtedly traumatic experience that ends up inspiring his solo pilgrimage that lands him within Fear the Walking Dead Season 4.

To see what will come of all this mayhem, watch The Walking Dead every Sunday night on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. In need of more to watch in the meantime? Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's been popping up in primetime.