Once Upon A Time Will Bring Colin O'Donoghue’s O.G. Hook Back Soon

Emma and Hook on Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time is preparing to say goodbye. After seven seasons, the fantasy drama will be turning the final pages of its fairytale with the series finale entitled "Leaving Storybrooke," which is set to include many returns from the original cast members. While actor Colin O'Donoghue remained on the show following the Season 7 quasi-reboot, he did not do so as the original Captain Hook, so if you are wondering if you will see the actor once again portraying the original version of the popular pirate before Season 7 concludes, the answer is "yes."

Colin O'Donoghue has confirmed to TV Line that he's been filming more swashbuckling scenes, and he pretty much affirms that Once Upon a Time fans will see the original Captain Hook and Jennifer Morrison's Emma together again before the end of the series. Here's how he put it.

[It was] my last day dressed as a pirate. It's a lovely little moment. Anyone who's a fan of Hook and Emma being together will get a kick out of it.

Hook's return independent of the Wish Realm is not entirely surprising news. With the boatload of returns that have previously been confirmed, especially Jennifer Morrison's, it was hinted at that fans would see the couple again. Here's hoping those characters will share more than a "little moment" together, though, since we've been waiting quite a while.

Fans last saw the pair when Jennifer Morrison returned for the second episode of Once Upon a Time's seventh season. In it, Emma revealed that she and Hook were expecting their first child together. It is unknown if fans will see said child before the series ends, but it is a likely bet. Given the show's varying timelines and dimensions, it is also a mystery whether fans will be introduced to Hook and Emma's baby as a full-grown adult, or as a wee baby.

The former scenario would not be something entirely out of the ordinary for the fantasy drama. When Once Upon a Time began, an adult Emma met her parents in Storybrooke, and they were not too much older than her. It is possible that the arrival of Henry's little brother or sister will play a significant role in the finale. Fans do need to prepare themselves not to get all of the answers they may be seeking, though, since there will almost definitely be more than a handful of dangling plot threads, what with all the stories that need concluding.

For most of Season 7, fans have been watching the Wish Realm Hook try to find his daughter, but now fans can get pumped to see the original Hook back in action and with Emma. It all sounds like Once Upon a Time is setting itself up for a fairytale ending.

With seven episodes left in the series, Once Upon a Time's two-part finale will kick off its first part on ABC on Friday, May 18 at 8 p.m. ET. TO see what shows will be replacing it in primetime, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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