One Legends Of Tomorrow Character Will Show Up Even More In Season 4

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Legends of Tomorrow is distinctive among the shows of the Arrow-verse thanks to its status as a true ensemble show. Its ensemble nature has allowed it to bring characters in and out without fundamentally changing the nature of the show. Now, Legends of Tomorrow has promoted one guest star who has popped up throughout Season 3 to regular status for Season 4. Jes Macallan will be back as Ava, and we may see a whole lot more of her.

The CW confirms that Jes Macallan will appear as a regular in the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow. Fans of Ava (and her dynamic with Sara) will undoubtedly be happy to learn the news, which comes on the heels of the recent announcement of Legends of Tomorrow's renewal for Season 4. The renewal itself must have come as a relief to fans, especially given that the season finale is less than a week away. Now that we know Ava will be back and almost certainly more prominent, there's more to start speculating about with regard to what's to come.

Ava Sharpe first appeared in the Season 1 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow as an agent of the Time Bureau who had no love for the cavalier way the Legends handle time travel. Despite Rip's desire to let the Legends do their thing their own way, Ava hasn't been entirely convinced that they actually know what they're doing. Her romance with Sara has helped bring her around to the fact that the Legends often help more than hurt the timeline, but she's still loyal to the Time Bureau. In fact, the most recent episode saw Ava claim control of the Time Bureau after she deemed Rip unfit for the job due to his support for one of the Legends' crazier plans.

Of course, Ava already had reason to want to get rid of Rip from the Time Bureau. She recently discovered that he had been lying to her about her very identity all along. Ava is actually one of many, many clones, and the current Ava isn't the first one that Rip has recruited to the Time Bureau as an agent. She's the twelfth. He was so impressed by her abilities as an agent that he just kept going back to the future full of Avas to replace the previous one that died, which... understandably did not make Ava happy when she learned the truth. The good news about thousands of Ava clones existing in the future may be that Jes Macallan has pretty solid job security. Even if Sara's Ava dies, there are more Avas who could appear.

We'll have to wait and see. The only thing we can be sure of with Jes Macallan's promotion is that one Ava will be a regular presence in Season 4. The existence of the Ava clones does mean that we can't guarantee the current Ava will survive the Season 3 finale, but hopefully she'll make it out alive. If the current Ava is around in Season 4, we can probably count on some hilarity between her and the other new regular for the fourth season.

The Season 3 finale of Legends of Tomorrow on Monday, April 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more superhero TV info, swing by our superhero TV schedule. For more general TV info, we have a handy midseason TV premiere guide and summer TV premiere schedule to help you out.

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