Food shows have dominated television to the point where they have more than one dedicated TV channel, and while Food Network and Cooking Channel may have the lion's share of food-related programming, they aren't the only chefs in the kitchen. Netflix, for instance, is slowly cooking up an impressive library of original series that any foodie worth their subscription salt should be watching. For those who want to dive in but have no idea where to start, we provide our ranked list of the tastiest treats the platform has to offer. But let's start off with a show that takes a different look at food consumption.

8. Rotten

Most people assume the food they buy in stores and restaurants is safe, authentic, and of the best quality possible. Rotten's goal is to show that's not always the case by giving viewers a look at the meal's tumultuous path to the plate. The Netflix docu-series may not be the most palatable food show for subscribers to watch, but it's highly educational, and it feels vital in its mission to expose the corrupt, greedy, and sometimes inhumane practices utilized by the global food industry. Rotten can and should make everyone think twice about the foods and drinks they're putting into their bodies, and while the footage might ruin a few foods for some, Rotten's crash course in food production is as educationally eye-opening as it is horrifying to watch.

7. Cooked

Cooking is now considered an art form by many, but not long ago, it was far more of a necessary skill for everyday life. To that end, Cooked focuses on the four major elements used to cook food (air, water, fire, earth) and episodes explores each element's strengths for cooking, and how people around the world use them to prepare meals. In a world where learning how to cook is no longer a top-tier requirement for survival, author Michael Pollan's Cooked will inspire anyone who routinely burns toast to pick up a spatula and up their culinary game. Watching Cooked won't necessarily improve anyone's poor cooking skills, of course, but the inspiration it provides should be enough to transform any lowly beginner into a semi-competent cook.

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