Chef David Chang's Hilarious Regret About His New Netflix Show Ugly Delicious

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In the past few years, Netflix has changed the world of TV production. Streaming services are now another competitor, which is mostly free from the constraints that network and cable TV must abide to. While it began with scripted shows, Netflix has recently start producing unscripted content as well. In addition to the new season of Queer Eye, the streaming service has also turned its focus onto culinary TV shows. Netflix has already had great success with its anthology series Chef's Table, and now renowned chef David Chang has his own upcoming show. Ugly Delicious is set to arrive in just a few weeks, and Chang recently told CinemaBlend one hilarious regret he has about his work: his bad mouth. He told me,

I regret that I cursed so much. I really did. I'm like 'fuck!' That's what I keep thinking 'fuck!' I'm probably not supposed to curse right now. I couldn't believe how much I cursed on camera, and how embarrassing it was when my mom was looking at the footage. She wasn't too thrilled with my potty mouth.

It looks like the freedom offered by Netflix has a tad too liberating for David Chang, as he didn't have to censor his language while filming Ugly Delicious. Unfortunately, he didn't like how it turned out on camera; even if they have their own TV show, stars still have to worry about their mother's approval.

One of the many ways Netflix separates itself from traditional TV production is by allowing its shows to use whatever language and content that they want. There are no advertisers to worry about or the expensive process of bleeping out curse words. But for David Chang, this type of freedom served as an enabler for his potty mouth. Whoopsies.

While David Chang might not be super happy about his use of language in Ugly Delicious, he certainly seemed happy to be working with Netflix. During my conversation with the chef/TV personality at Netflix' recent press junket in New York, he was thrilled with the opportunity to be working in such a creative space. When I asked Chang if he'd recommend Netflix to other TV chefs, he said:

Absolutely. I think Netflix would be a dream for most chefs. Obviously with Chefs Table. Telling stories that have not been told in that regard. I think Netflix is probably the pinnacle for chefs wanting to tell their own stories.

With Netflix already dominating scripted TV, it's possible that the streaming service could soon become a hub for more cooking shows. If David Chang is to be believed, it's the perfect place to bring those types of projects.

Ugly Delicious will debut February 23rd. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch, and our cancellation list to see if your favorite show got the chop last year.

Corey Chichizola
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