Mom Has Been Renewed For Season 6 At CBS

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While most of CBS' biggest shows have yet to hear anything back from the network about their respective futures, very few have anything to worry about. Particularly not the cast and crew from Anna Faris and Allison Janney's comedy Mom, since the network somewhat surprisingly made an early announcement that the comedy has been renewed for Season 6, which will air during the 2018-2019 TV season. Now that's fantastic news worthy of a non-alcoholic glass of bubbly.

Note that CBS announcing Mom's renewal in such a standalone way is the surprising part, not that Mom got renewed in the first place, since there's zero mystery behind that smart decision. Mom is one of the rare TV shows -- and a comedy, no less -- that is not only staying consistent with numbers from past years, but is actually building on them. While only six Season 4 episodes were watched by over 8 million viewers, according to the Live+Same Day stats, only one of Season 5's 16 current episodes was watched by fewer than 8 million people, with six episodes landing over 9 million. Even more importantly, Mom has scored impressively in the 18-49 key age demographic, which networks are always interested in for advertiser purposes.

At this point, CBS is touting Mom as being the third most-watched comedy on TV, averaging over 11 million viewers in the delayed viewing stats. Similarly, the show is in the top five TV series when it comes to that key demo of adults 18-49, as well as adults 25-54.

Those are all quite noteworthy feats for a show that only recently aired its 100th episode, and Mom is thankfully showing no signs of slowing down. Of course, for all that Mom is well-written and expertly performed, a lot of its ratings success can be attributed to its primo spot on CBS' Thursday night lineup, especially for the 2017-2018 season. The Big Bang Theory is the most popular comedy on TV as far as full viewership is concerned, and its freshman dramedy spinoff Young Sheldon instantly became one of the biggest shows of the year when it premiered. Both of those shows have helped to boost Mom's numbers in its timeslot, (Life In Pieces, meanwhile, has seen its own numbers rising as the night's last sitcom, though not on the same scale as Mom's have been.)

And speaking of Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, Mom was also the co-creation of TV mega-producer Chuck Lorre, making it his third big renewed sitcom on the network. His Netflix comedy Disjointed was cancelled earlier this year, though he also has the Michael Douglas-starring comedy The Kominsky Method coming to the streaming giant later in 2018.

While we're not yet sure what kind of heartwarming and heartbreaking stories we'll get to see in Mom Season 6 when it premieres this fall, there are still quite a few Season 5 episodes left to go ahead of the sitcom's May 10 finale date. Mom airs Thursday nights on CBS at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see when all the other big network shows are ending their current seasons, head to our finale rundown schedule, and our midseason premiere schedule and summer premiere guide will clue you in on all the big shows coming soon.

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