Chuck Lorre's Disjointed Cancelled At Netflix, No Season 2

When The Big Bang Theory co-creator Chuck Lorre teamed up with Kathy Bates for a new Netflix show, it sounded like a TV dream team, since both Lorre's projects and Netflix's series have a knack for lasting many seasons. Unfortunately for all involved, subscribers were not high on the pot-laced comedy Disjointed, and Netflix made the decision to snuff the comedy out after just a single season.

It almost seemed like Netflix had already issued out two separate Disjointed seasons, since this was one of the shows that Netflix chose to split into two different releases, as it's done with Fuller House and The Ranch. (Seems to be mostly a comedy thing.) Netflix's initial series order was for 20 episodes, instead of the usual 13, which allowed for a clean split, but if the company used that tactic with Disjointed hoping to build an audience before dropping the second batch of installments, the plan may have backfired.

Even before Season 1 debuted in August 2017, early Disjointed reviews spilled nasty bong water all over the new comedy, slamming everything from the jokes to the characters to the cutaway gags to how it handled its central subject matter. (Which led to it becoming one of the worst-received Netflix originals yet.) As it usually goes, fans were kinder than critics were, but not by huge margins, and for many, it quickly faded from memory soon after it arrived. When the back half of Season 1 surfaced a few months later, it failed to spark much interest, and just over a month later, Disjointed was cancelled.

Star Michael Trucco shared the news with the world on Twitter, and it was later confirmed to be true.

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With marijuana becoming oft-used subject matter in more and more TV shows, Disjointed had a chance to really prove itself as the wildest weed comedy TV has ever seen. I suppose that can still be considered a legitimate descriptor, but not in the way that one might hope. We likely won't see any weed-fueled hilarity from Chuck Lorre's current CBS series Young Sheldon, but boy it would be fun to see Meemaw getting blazed off her gourd.

So while we won't be able to see any new episodes with completely random animated segments anytime soon, fans can still stream all 20 Season 1 episodes on Netflix right now. Head to our 2018 Netflix schedule to see all the upcoming new and returning shows, and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to check on the shows that aren't necessarily exclusive to streaming.

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