Television went to some distant and wonderful places in 2017, with more original scripted series airing than ever, and with an over-abundance of networks and streaming services to find them on. But something that hasn't changed very much is the popularity of broadcast network TV, even though numbers are generally down all across the board, and this year saw some interesting position changes at the top of the heap.

True, the NFL still reigns supreme when it comes to viewership and demo ratings, and 60 Minutes and The Voice remain top contenders in the unscripted sphere. But when it comes to scripted comedies and dramas, here are the 10 most watched shows of the 2017 fall TV season.

10. Will & Grace

Perhaps the most high-profile TV revival to happen yet, at least until Roseanne gets here, Will & Grace returned to NBC's Thursday night lineup and started bringing in viewers as if it had never left. With refreshed performances from the cast and a re-stoked fire behind the writing, Will & Grace had done a fine job of balancing its updated narratives with guest stars and fan service, wrapping some stories up in emotionally gratifying ways. The critics have enjoyed things, as evidenced in part by the show's multiple Golden Globe nominations, and audiences are clearly having a great time, giving the show totals that totally justify its rebirth.

Average Viewers: 11.3 million viewers

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