Sacha Baron Cohen Just Landed A New Netflix Show, Sadly Isn't More Borat

Sacha Baron Cohen cast in The Spy

Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on for a new series for Netflix, and it has nothing in common with the actor's movie Borat. The six-part miniseries is called The Spy, and it marks a dramatic departure for the actor, widely known for his comedic roles. As its title suggests, the upcoming Netflix series is a thriller steeped in espionage.

The announcement of Sacha Baron Cohen's casting was shared by Netflix. The Spy will chronicle the true story of Eli Cohen, a spy in the 1960s who collected intelligence on Syria for Israel. The series will cover the beginning of his espionage operation and trace how he established himself in Syria. A legend in the spy world, Cohen's work (and his ultimate sacrifice) is credited for having majorly impacted the Middle East as it is today. The Spy will be written and directed by Gideon Raff, an executive producer on the Showtime series Homeland.

Other than Sacha Baron Cohen's casting, the plot description, the writer/director, and episode count, Netflix offered no other details on The Spy. As of now, it is hard to know when the series will debut on the streaming service. Other than France, the series will be broadcast globally on Netflix. French viewers will watch the series via Canal+. Cohen's casting is a huge step for production, as it means the casting of its lead with a reasonably big name in showbiz.

The Spy marks a new chapter for Sacha Baron Cohen's career. The actor's last feature film role came in Disney's Alice in Wonderland sequel Alice Through the Look Glass, which came out it 2016. Cohen played Time. As for TV, Cohen's last appearance came back in 2013 via the HBO comedy Eastbound and Down. The actor was originally slated to star as Freddie Mercury in a biopic about the Queen frontman's life but he ultimately left the project. The Spy will represent a massive tonal shift for the actor. Like many comedically-inclined actors before him, Cohen is likely up to the challenge.

Sacha Baron Cohen is in capable hands with The Spy. As mentioned above, the series will be written and directed by Gideon Raff. It sounds as though Raff will not rely on a source novel for The Spy, but rather his own original work. Among his many credits is the Israeli television series Prisoners of War, which he created. That series was later developed into the American series Homeland. Gideon Raff also created the FX series Tyrant. The drama premiered in 2014 and was cancelled after three seasons in 2016. Deadline reported on the news.

With no filming date provided by Netflix, it is difficult to predict when The Spy will premiere. To find out when other new and returning series will premiere, check out our guide to the midseason and summer TV releases. Our 2018 Netflix premiere guide can point your toward your streaming options as well.

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