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Looks Like Arrow Is Putting Someone In The Hospital In The Season Finale

Season 6 of Arrow has shown a lot of things go wrong for Oliver, and it looks like even sadder things could happen before the season is up. Stephen Amell shared a photo from the set of the series to his Twitter feed, and it looks like someone is going to be laid up in the hospital by the time the season is said and done:

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Stephen Amell was willing to tease a hospitalization in the Season 6 finale of Arrow, but as fans may have noticed, he made sure to censor out who was in the bed. So far the general consensus from replies to the photo is that person is going to be Quentin Lance, and most people are thinking the finale might just be the character's swan song. Is Lance, or whoever is in that hospital bed, really in so rough of shape, though, that they won't pull through whatever put them there?

It's really tough to tell how serious the situation is from Stephen Amell's tweet. Oliver appears to be smiling in the photo, which would imply things aren't as bad as some may assume. That said, it's also one of those squinted eye smiles which could mean Oliver is smiling through tears at some quip the person just made before eventually kicking the bucket. Additionally, Amell captioned the photo with the words "finales destroy me," which definitely might indicate this scene does not have a happy ending.

There are a few details worth noting that could give a little more insight as to who is in that bed, and how serious their condition is. For example, whoever is in that hospital bed is pretty tall; their feet are hanging off the bed's end by a couple inches. Stephen Amell also took the time to block out the EKG monitor just above the person's head, which may have been a giveaway that whoever is in that bed is long gone, or doing alright. While Amell did a pretty solid job at covering the photo, fans who look closely will see the beginnings of a long green line on the EKG monitor, which isn't a part of the amateur editing job, and might help them make an assumption about the character's chances of survival one way or another.

Fans will find out if the Arrow writers are so cold-blooded they'd let Oliver lose yet another ally in Season 6 as the show continues on The CW Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Superhero fans wanting to see what other hero shows are headed to television in the near future are in luck as Cinema Blend has a superhero premiere guide with every show expected down the stretch. Those just wishing to see what's coming up in television in general in the coming weeks should visit our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide.

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