Michael C. Hall Makes An Intense Return To TV In First Trailer For Netflix's Safe

Dexter's Michael C. Hall is making his return to television in a new show that looks intense. Netflix has released the first trailer for Safe, a brand new thriller that finds Hall playing a father whose teenage daughter vanishes after attending a party. As it turns out, his search for her will unearth quite a few startling truths. You can watch the captivating trailer below:

Now you see what we are talking about with this new series. Safe promises to be a mystery wrapped in many mysteries. There are some things the trailer did not directly spell out, so buckle up. Here is what Netflix has revealed about the series. In Safe, Michael C. Hall's Tom is a recently widowed pediatric surgeon and the father of two teenage girls. Tom's eldest daughter, Jenny, is the one who disappears.

Tom is still haunted by the death of his wife and feels immense guilt over the night she died. Adding to the drama is that Jenny has a secret from that night. Safe promises it will answer the questions from the ominous night in question, which has had a domino effect on the one Jenny has disappeared into. To solve the mystery, it sounds like viewers will have to come at it without trusting any of the characters we encounter.

While Safe's premise sounds like it could be in the vein of Taken, it appears that Michael C. Hall's Tom will not rely on violent methods to get to the truth. The thriller will run for eight episodes. Safe marks Hall's first starring role in a TV series since Dexter ended in 2013. The Showtime series ran for seven years and eight seasons.

Michael C. Hall waded back into TV via a popular Netflix series last year. He guest-starred in a Season 2 episode of Netflix's royal drama The Crown. Hall portrayed John F. Kennedy in the episode. As for movies, the actor recently starred in the dark comedy Game Night opposite Ozark's Jason Bateman.

If you are a fan of thrillers, Safe seems like a "safe" bet for an eight-part binge. The episode count is a little less than the usual Netflix series. It is a positive sign the series should not be stretching out its storyline unnecessarily. While the premise is not entirely new terrain for a mystery, it offers a hint of further drama. Safe is nested in a larger mystery that sounds as though it will provide a fresh angle to the mystery at hand.

Safe premieres on Netflix, May 10. To find out what other series are set to arrive on Netflix, check out our guide to all of the new and returning shows set to debut on the streaming service via our 2018 Netflix premiere rundown. As for what else is coming up on TV in general, check out our guides to TV's midseason and summer premieres.

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