Ben Affleck Announces He's On Team Jimmy Kimmel In Ongoing 'Feud' With Matt Damon

Ben Affleck has chosen sides in the fake Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel feud
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One of the longest-running "feuds" in entertainment just took a turn, and all it took was Thor to make it happen. For over a decade, Jimmy Kimmel has ended his late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, by saying he has run out of time for Matt Damon. Now, Ben Affleck has hysterically referenced the long-time gag. The result has been a Twitter exchange between Affleck, Chris Hemsworth, and Jimmy Kimmel that has been entertaining fans over the weekend.

Posting on his official Twitter account, Ben Affleck responded to a tweet from Gossip Cop, which promoted a story with an interesting headline. The story queried as to whether Chris Hemsworth had replaced Affleck as Matt Damon's best friend. Affleck quoted the tweet, jestingly saying Chris Hemsworth could have Damon, citing that he is on Team Jimmy Kimmel, anyway. Affleck tagged Hemsworth and Kimmel's Twitter accounts in his tweet. See it for yourself below:

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Chris Hemsworth responded to Ben Affleck's tweet with a hilarious comeback that referenced their respective superhero franchises. Chris Hemsworth plays Thor in the Marvel movies, while Ben Affleck has portrayed Batman in two of DC's films. Here is what the actor had to say:

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In an interesting side note to the "drama," Chris Hemsworth has played Thor in six Marvel movies. This is not counting his cameo appearance in Doctor Strange. Let's get back to the "feud" though. Once Chris Hemsworth tossed the ball into Jimmy Kimmel's court, the latter responded. In it, Kimmel was able to continue Hemsworth's ability to reference Batman, Thor, and Matt Damon, all in the same tweet.

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It did not take long for Chris Hemsworth to respond to Jimmy Kimmel's tweet with one of his own. That tweet could roll into a storyline that plays out on Jimmy Kimmel's show, all next week. See what the actor had to say below:

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The Twitter battle continued with Chris Hemsworth's brother Luke offering to replace his brother on Jimmy Kimmel's lineup. Chris Hemsworth warned him against it, saying Kimmel would only "break your heart." One tweet from Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel Live is supposedly down a guest? It all sounds like a hilarious storyline in the making. Could the fake feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel be revisited, next week?

Chris Hemsworth will be making the press rounds next week to promote Avengers: Infinity War. And this online exchange will undoubtedly be a part of the conversation. One scenario that could play out to incredibly amusing results would be if Jimmy Kimmel got Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Chris Hemsworth to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live together, so they could hash out the "drama."

Find out if it happens. New episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live air weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC. Whether or not, he appears on the show next week, you can definitely see Chris Hemsworth in Avengers: Infinity War when it hits theaters April 27. To find out when and where other TV shows are coming on, check out our guides to TV's midseason and summer premieres. If you want more superhero drama then check out our guide to everything superhero TV has to offer.

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