Watch Seth Rogen And Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Hilariously Crude Rap Battle On Drop The Mic

Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have shared a screen together in films like The Night Before, 50/50, and The Interview, so one would imagine the two's relationship can survive the hilariously crude and brutal rap battle they had on TBS' Drop The Mic. Both celebrities cut each other pretty deep in a war of words that will likely go down as one of the best battles in the show's history. Take a look!

This Drop The Mic battle should've been over when Joseph Gordon-Levitt told Seth Rogen to stop eating James Franco's ass, but it somehow only got better. Rogen fired right back with his own rhymes and ended the first series between the two with a particularly cutting line about having more leading roles in films than his opponent. The point was well made, and while Rogen definitely got more hype from the crowd with his particularly brutal line, that line about James Franco almost had to be what ultimately won Gordon-Levitt the battle.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's rhymes certainly helped him secure the win, but the fashion choices between the two men had to play a factor as well. Gordon-Levitt wore a pretty sweet Wu-Tang Clan themed wool sweater, while Rogen wore a button down dress shirt and jeans. Sure, Gordon-Levitt's outfit would only get him slightly less roasted at an actual rap battle. Still, the only reason Rogen's line about passing for the actor's dad was so effective is because he was dressed like a dad while he was delivering the line!

Regardless of who won, both Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt should feel pride for their Drop The Mic performance as the two flowed better than most celebrities who have appeared on the show to date. It's rare that one celebrity on the series switches up their rapping style mid-battle, and both celebrities doing it is almost unheard of. There definitely needs to be a round two battle for these guys, provided they're still on speaking terms following their public war of words. Gordon-Levitt made mention of the battle on his Twitter page, but surprisingly enough, the ever-tweeting Rogen did not. Did he take the loss personally, or did he just forget the battle was on that night? While the world may never know, they can probably guess which theory is closer to the truth.

Drop The Mic airs on TBS Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET. The series is just one of many new shows on television at the moment, and more and more are making their premiere each and every day. Keep up with the latest additions and see what shows are coming in the near future by visiting our summer premiere guide. For more on Seth Rogen and his relationship with James Franco, read about the time the Franco stole one of Pineapple Express' best lines from Rogen.

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