Andy Cohen Defends Real Housewives After Jillian Michaels Takes Shots At The Shows

Jillian Michaels on WWHL

There are few networks quite as consistent as Bravo. Andy Cohen's domain has made its bread and butter through unscripted TV, as the Real Housewives franchise is vast and showing no signs of slowing down. Cohen also has his own late night talk show Watch What Happens Live!, where he manages to get celebs to relax through fun games and plenty of cocktails. While most of Bravo's shows feature reality stars arguing, Cohen has been known to get into some confrontations himself. The most recent is with celebrity physical trainer Jillian Michaels, who attacked the Real Housewives franchise for hating women. Now Cohen has responded, saying:

I love women. Housewives is a show about women and it's predominantly for women, even though so many men watch it so I think that's a really good question for the millions of women who watch the shows. It's a show about friendship. It's a show about being a wife. It's a show about being a mother. It's a show about being a sister. And sometimes the experience of being a friend and a mother and a wife and a sister isn't pleasant and sometimes it's wonderful. I think [Michaels] probably never watched it. I think she's probably seen a clip of Teresa flipping a table.

It appears that Andy Cohen sees the versatility in the Real Housewives shows, and the complex way they portray the cast members. While the most exciting moments may be when tempers flare and drinks are thrown across rooms, it's not the entire 42 minute episode. Stories about family and careers also come into play, with some Housewives letting cameras into their homes for over a decade.

In addition to standing up for the actual programming of the Real Housewives franchise, Andy Cohen also threw a little shade at Jillian Michaels during his conversation with THR.

By the way, this is the woman who screamed at people for a living on The Biggest Loser. She should stay in her own lane.

Andy Cohen, of course, is referencing Jillian Michaels' career as a fitness badass and sometimes bad guy. Her no nonsense demeanor is what made her a success on fitness shows, therefore allowing her to grow her empire. Cohen seems to take umbrage with how she conducts herself, as its not exactly a warm and fuzzy persona.

This isn't the first time Andy Cohen has voiced his opinion about Jillian Michaels. He famously came out years ago to reveal Michaels was the worst guest in Watch What Happens Live! history, and that she reportedly screamed at his staff before and after the show. This is one celebrity feud that is alive and well, and it's showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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