Bethenny Frankel Has A Second Show Coming To Bravo

Bethenny Frankel doing a confessional

If you're a big fan of Bethenny Frankel over at Bravo, then consider this your lucky day. The network has decided that just one show with Frankel isn't enough for them, and has decided to give her an all-new television show. Don't expect it to be anything like The Real Housewives of New York though. Instead of spending her time getting into all kinds of drama, Frankel will be trying her hands at real estate. And because everyone loves a crossover, she'll be teaming up with fellow Bravo star Fredrik Eklund to make it happen.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Bravo has announced a new show starring Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund under the working title of Bethenny and Fredrik Property Project. The show will take fans inside their partnership as they work together to scout, buy, and design multi-million dollar properties. The show hopes to put a spotlight on their "fun-loving" dynamic as they take big risks on properties for big rewards. Frankel is one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New York while Eklund is a star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York. We'll see if this mashing ends up working out well for the network.

If the show isn't a success, Bravo certainly has plenty to fall back on. Bethenny and Fredrik Property Project is just one of six new shows that the network has announced as part of its upcoming slate. These shows include a New Orleans-based spin-off of Southern Charms; a new dating show called Love Italian Style, wherein five bachelorettes are sent to Italy and make Lady and the Tramp references all day. There's also Sell it Like Serhant, where Million Dollar Listing star Ryan Serhant teaches struggling sales representatives how to overhaul their business. Plus Relationshep, a spin-off of Southern Charms in which Shep Rose drives around the country looking for love. And finally, A Night with My Ex, where exes are giving one more chance to make up, gain closure, fight, or all of the above.

Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund aren't exactly strangers either. The two of them have worked together on at least one episode of The Real Housewives of New York, in which Frankel hired Eklund to sell her old apartment for an amount of money that would make any regular person freak out. You can check out a clip of them being slightly sassy to each other down below.

There's no date premiere date for the new project but stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates. In the meantime, make sure to check out our summer TV premiere guide!

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