The Silly Reason Ted Danson Spoiled The Good Place's Ending To John Krasinski

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The Good Place is a hilariously inventive series that all television audiences should be watching for many reasons, and few would dispute the Season 1 finale being the series' greatest trick (and treat.) Creator and former Office writer Michael Schur knew audiences finding out the series' big twist too soon could ruin the fun of the build-up, so he swore stars Ted Danson and Kristen Bell to secrecy about everyone actually being in "The Bad Place." Both swore they wouldn't say a word, and then Danson preceded to spoil the twist to John Krasinski for a silly and hilariously petty reason.

I was talking to John Krasinski, because he knows [Schur] well and loves you. I went, 'Yeah, I'm working with Mike Schur and Kristen Bell.' When I said it takes place in the afterlife, I saw his eyes go, 'Oh, it's The Office in Heaven.' And that pissed me off. I'm like, 'No! No! See, the trick is I'm actually a demon.' And he was suitably impressed.

Ted Danson technically had no way of knowing whether or not John Krasinski actually thought The Good Place was anything more than The Office with heaven as the setting, since this was all based on a look, but he didn't want to risk it. The television legend made sure to let Krasinski know right then and there that series creator Michael Schur wasn't trying to reinvent his past successful series The Office in an ethereal new setting, but rather attempting something entirely new. Apparently, Danson was ready to let everyone know what the deal was, as Schur also revealed at a special Good Place screening and Q&A (via EW) that the star was telling anyone who would listen about The Good Place's big twist.

Ted Danson was apparently better at keeping his spoiler habits a secret than the show's plot. Michael Schur was the person to out the actor for having devilishly loose lips, but also added that Danson didn't even come clean about his own blabber mouth until the season finale had wrapped. Luckily, very few people were able to accurately guess what was in store for the show's characters, despite Danson's terrible ability to keep secrets.

While Schur did call out Danson for nearly ruining the biggest twist the show has introduced to date, he also added that the reveal scene wouldn't have been so amazing had Danson not improvised Michael's evil laugh when Eleanor revealed that everyone was actually in The Bad Place. He's got some talent, that Danson kid.

The Good Place Season 3 is on its way to NBC. In the meantime, fans can binge Season 1 of the afterlife comedy on Netflix, and catch portions of Season 2 on Hulu. Those interested in other things coming to streaming in the near future should visit our Netflix premiere guide. For a more general list of upcoming shows headed to television, visit our summer premiere guide.

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