Spoilers ahead for Episode 21 of Gotham Season 4, called "One Bad Day."

Only one episode is left in the fourth season of Gotham, and "One Bad Day" found some incredible ways to raise the stakes for the big finale next week. Events played out that indicate that Gotham City really could become a no man's land before the end of the season, and we should probably prepare ourselves for some killer cliffhangers. Here are five big ways "One Bad Day" set up to Season 4 finale!

Jeremiah And Ra's al Ghul Team Up

The good guys scored some wins on Jeremiah in "One Bad Day." Jeremiah started off with the entire city rigged to be destroyed via overloading self-perpetuating generators, and he had a legion of followers who decided he was worth following after the death of Jerome. Harvey was able to stop the generators from causing mass destruction aside from a clock tower that was taken out to prove a point, and Jeremiah's followers turned on him after they learned he didn't manage to kill Jim. Jeremiah was left with just about nothing... until Ra's al Ghul turned up to offer his help. According to Ra's, they should work together because of a shared investment in Bruce Wayne as well as Gotham City. These are the two arguably most formidable living villains on Gotham; if there's a way to take destroy Gotham and turn Bruce into the future Batman, these two can do it together.

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